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H E L L O – Being cooped up inside the house for the longest 3 months ever – what with bro’s wedding preparation and helping le’ family, I was so exhausted and finally able to break free from the house detention. LOL Two weekend ago, Jessica invited me to join them for the famous Coral Flyer Zipline and I took it without further hesitation. (Pst..I’ve been all angsty because I’m missing the beach, sand and seawater so F much! Hashtag mermaid soul)  
On Saturday 4th, we (myself, Jessica, Massy, Calista, Charlotte, Farhan & Mus) meet up at Jesselton Point around 9.30 AM. We then took the boat from BEACH BUM which cost cheaper than the rest for a return boat ticket from KK to Sapi Island. Its took about 15 minutes’ boat ride from KK to Sapi Island. Sadly, it was very packed with visitors the other day and we decided to hang out at Padang Point, Gaya Island. B U T first and foremost, you have to registered yourselves at Sapi Island if you decided to ride the Coral Fyler and then the s…