BLOGMAS #2 Christmas's Playlist

Hello pretty pretty! :) Yeah, I know Day 2 (and Day 3 as well) post is late HAHAHA but no worries, I'm still gonna update and crunched all 3 posts today! Today I'm going to share my current Christmas's playlist which I keep on listening - repetitively over the pass few weeks.

As mentioned before, I prefer to listen to classic Christmas's song instead of those newly modernized by some popular artist. I've always love Boney M and my favorite song is still Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord ever since I was a kid. My siblings and I enjoy singing along this song whenever it was played, which is over and over again HAHA
However, recently I got hooked with Chris Tomlin's Christmas (LIVE) edition. Nothing weird though since I do love to listen to their worship song as it's almost similar to Hillsong Worship's genre. My favorite songs are He Shall Reign Forevermore and A Christmas Alleluia
Last but not least, I have been obsessed with Big Bang's latest songs!! My favorite is Last Dance - just because I really love the lyrics and how all of 'em showcased their wonderful vocal range, Top indeed have an awesome raspy voice. I really love them!! #VIP4EVER 

So, what is your current/favorite Christmas's playlist? xo


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