BLOGMAS #1 The Christmas's TAG

Officially 10 days before Christmas’s Eve and how’s everyone has been doing so far? I’m still 70% loading up my Christmas’s mood and hopefully by doing this Christmas Tag that I have found at Bex’s Blog will amped up the mood a bit. So, without further a due – let’s get started.

1. When do you start getting excited for Christmas?
When I started to see a Christmas’s decoration at the mall and listened to the classic Christmas’s song like Boney M. I will feel all giddy up and could not wait for 24th Dec, the Christmas’s Eve.

2. Do you still have an advent calendar?
Sadly nope. But we do have the advent’s candle wreath where we will light up one candle every week approaching to Christmas.

3. What are your favourite Christmas films?
Krampus? HAHA Well, I’m kidding. Krampus has changed my whole perception about Ginger bread cookies ever since. *shivers* My fav would be Christmas carol and the Smurf.

4. Do you have any funny Christmas memories?
Apart from getting too drunk and went all out singing a lot of songs – without giving other chances to sing, I don’t think so. Opps!

5. Talk us through your typical Christmas day.
It’s usually pretty boring – woke up very early for Christmas’s morning mass at the Church (usually dad will keep knocking all our door until we woke up and answered him lol), get ready and all that sass (we must prettied up ourselves, special day coz we need to take a lots of selfie that day), after morning mass – our family usually will eat out at our favourite Chinese restaurant (same as Christmas’s Eve dinner routine) and then we will head home or go together or separately to any open house that we have been invited. Our big family Christmas’s celebration will be the next day i.e 26th Dec, usually we will lay low or busy preparing for the gathering during Christmas’s day. Oh, and we opened gift on 26th as well.

6. What do you eat for Christmas dinner?
Chicken, Ham-choy's soup (a must because we all love it!), pork and rice.

7. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
We celebrate Christmas every 26th with our big family and this usually the day we gathered and enjoy ourselves to the max and stuffed our tummy with awesome foods!

8. Which are your favourite Christmas songs?
Mary’s Boy Child by Boney M

9. What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever received?
A closure J (spiritually) and cash (materialistically) HAHA

10. Real or Fake Christmas tree?
Fake. But it’s OK..I love it anyway!


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