12 Days of BLOGMAS

Ho Ho Ho! Hello everyone! Christmas’s season finally upon us and we are soon going to close 2016 chapter and headed toward the new year – 2017. I hope everyone is having a good time preparing and getting ready for the upcoming Christmas’s holiday. I have always enjoyed watching VLOGMAS in Youtube and reading Blogmas by my favourite blogger in Bloglovin. Since I did not blog much this year, I’ve decided to do the 12 days of Blogmas this year! A little disclaimer: I’m very bad with challenges – most of my 30 days’ challenge ended up failed (previous failures: BEDN and 30 days’ blog challenge) hence why I choose to blog only for 12 days until Christmas instead of blogging every day for the whole December which is a VERY HUGE commitment for me. HAHA

I will start posting for my 1st Blogmas’s post by tomorrow and will ended the 12th day on Christmas day itself. My blogmas post will be consisted of Christmas’s post and some random post which I have been wanting to publish etc etc. HINT: Expect some beauty product review, DIY and foods! 

Please pray that I will be able to blog everyday for 12 days! Till tomorrow! xo


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