Let just say, I had very stressful and long day at work and only started to unwind when mom said she wanted to cooked Chicken curry for dinner (I'm a sucker for her curry, I could refill my rice thrice) eventhough I told her that I'm on a diet pfft but will she even listened? Instead she happily picked up the chubbier potatoes for the curry and jokingly teasing me and my never-success-diet-everytime-fail HAHA As my mood started to lighten up, we got home and I've wanted to cook the rice for dinner and I saw two weird packets of something familiar. 

“Eh, why is my ice-blended drink mix is on top of kitchen counter?”

Then a familiar fruity fragrance started to penetrate my ever-bloody-sensitive-nose and I said its smell like my energy drink (the one that I always consume during run/hiking to give me an extra boost of energy) and I saw the packets are all torn up and empty! 

OMG this is mine! I'd hide it inside my closet so that nobody NO F BODY will take it! Imagine my rage to know that all the energy drinks and my ice blended mixes ARE GONE! I shrill and called my youngest brother name whom already dissapeared with his bloody friends soon after I came home. And my mood went from re-charging happiness of 65% to NEGATIVE 100 in instant. After tons of ranting, or shouting in anger I went inside my room and bang the door (I'm emo like that..) and refused to go out or do anything. Pretty childish but I blame my hormone coz I'm on my period.

After reading few short stories in my KOBO, my mood was a bit OK - books always makes me happy which is why I tend to shut myself from the outside world when I'm angry. I went back to the kitchen, cook the rice and boiled water then take shower and drag the comforter up and I'm back on the reading bubble. It was not too soon after that I over-heard my mom was scolding my youngest brother and I just “duhh..served you right” and I went back to reading before hitting off the la la land with empty stomach. 

You see, if I could have turned back the time – I would try my very best not to be influenced by my anger (sadly it’s very hard since I’m very territorial person. I F hate it when my things got taken away without permission or worse – stolen) Anyway, to cut my rant short; the next morning I woke up feeling hungry at 3 AM and I went inside the kitchen and ate the leftover chicken curry (thanks mom!) for breakfast. It ended happily ever after, for my tummy at least HAHA


Today I’m going share 10 things that I am very thankful for 2016 since we are almost at the end of the year now.
  1. Family – or better yet, additional family member(s)! WOOT! Yes, my little brother is getting married (eh, already legally married a few weeks ago) and we are anticipating plus busy preparing for the wedding reception by end of this year and early 2017.
  2. No Eczema breakout this year – Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! I’ve suffered a lot in 2015 and thankfully there are no major breakout this year.
  3. Officially a marathoner – TWICE! My 1st full marathon during Twincity and 2nd is Borneo International Marathon J Who know I might be doing ultra in 2017.
  4. Embarking minimalist lifestyle – I’m very thankful to those blogger, vlogger in Youtube and even books that I have read that had inspired me to embark on this minimalist and meaningful lifestyle. I still have long journey to go but I believe this one is the right one for me.
  5. Love and friendship – I’m thankful for my boyfriend; for everything he has done for me. Truth to be told, I’m not a perfect girlfriend. He did not only provide me with the most loving relationship, he also provides me a comfort of a very good friend. #blessed
  6. Sister’s bonds – We might fight and we might not be talking to each other for certain period of time but we are very close. My little sister is not only my family member by blood but also my true bestfriend slash my secret’s keeper. I’m extremely thankful that mom gave birth to the most annoying little bitch that I F love and yes, you really don’t want to mess with either of us.
  7. My annoying yet cute forever-baby-in-my-eyes Gerl. Mommy love you so much baby! And I wish you’ve grown bigger so that Kopi will stop messing around with you.
  8. Dearest lovable pets i.e Butot, Kopi, Gunsouli and Gunsilou.
  9. Finally living with my parent – again! Trust me, I love living with my parent. I feel more secure and the house are well maintained than when we are alone. Plus, I’ve always come home to delicious home-cooked dinner and woke up to delicious breakfast as well. Hmm, that’s probably the cause of my recent weight gain.
  10. Getting my own blog domain – trust me, I’m very thankful for this. I have been dreaming of owning my own domain for 5 years and Thank God, I’ve finally courage up and get my own domain in August this year. I hope I will continue writing down whatever I want to share in this random blog of mine.
Christmas's countdown start now! xo


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