As most people know, August was my most favorite month of 'em all - simply because it was my birthday month (and our anniversary month). I turned 27th this year and both B and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary together. Since B was so interested on my always-preferable-choice-of-travelling aka backpacking style, hence we've decided to do 5 days 4 nights backpacking to Penang and Langkawi. Our travelling plan was set as food hunting and mostly enjoying whatever both Penang and Langkawi can offered us in short amount of time and wallet-friendly. Since I took tons of food photos, so I've decided to share my birthday getaway through all the awesome foods that we sinfully (without any regrets..) indulged in. Hope you guys enjoy!
Photo 1// Nasi Kandar Beratur - This is our first meal in Penang. Soon after we checked in to our dorm, B bring us to have our dinner here since he said he was missing and craving for this food. 

Photo 2// Papa's Coconut Ice Cream for dessert - sinfully indulged with this OMG so freaking delicious and fresh coconut ice cream, especially good after a heavy dinner of Nasi Kandar (opps..hehe)

Photo 3// Favorite local breakfast platter consist of Abalone's porridge and Konlo' mien (My God..I'm very bad at remembering food names!! Please correct me if I'm wrong..sob) and Milo and Ice Coffee before our 10 AM flight to Langkawi on my birthday.

Photo 4// The sweet taste of pork slice with the right amount of fermented Cili Potong and top it up with simple wantan soup - and yes, we added this up to our breakfast platter which we burned away by walking along Georgetown street in search of Penang's famous street art. So, no worries :)

 Photo 5// Our flight to Langkawi was hit by turbulence for a few times and I was insanely annoyed with some passenger from *cough country name with noisy people cough* whom annoyingly won't stop chattering LOUDLY in the flight. Madam ah, this is not your private jet, please respect other passenger. Tsk Once safely landed in Langkawi airport, we got our rented car and checked in to Zackry Guesthouse; our humble and awesome roof for 2 nights in Langkawi.
Photo 6// Another Nasi Kandar in Langkawi, this time. My bf have this weird obsession with Nasi Kandar and I don't mind coz I love it too :) Had our lunch at Pantai Cenang before we go to Dataran Lang for sightseeing.

Photo 7// We are looking for Cendol but sadly we couldn't find it. So, we opted for ABC Ice Cream for temporary satisfaction.

Photo 8// My BIRTHDAY's CAKES! Directly from Dataran Lang, we stopped by at Pantai Cenang and enjoyed a romantic walk along the beach before we went to the nearest Secret Recipe to grab our dinner. Major thanks to the awesome bf - ever for the birthday cakes. We ended up bringing the Chocolate cake back to our Guesthouse since we cannot finished it.

Photo 9// Chicken Chop - Birthday's treat

Photo 10// To quench our thirst before we hike for the Air Terjun Telaga Tujuh - not a fan of these drinks tho. Luckily I bought it just for trial purpose LOL

Photo 11// The infamous Laksa and Moi Soup for lunch.

Photo 12// After almost missed our flight, we finally arrived at Penang International Airport for our last overnight stay before we ended our holiday. Made a quick response to meet up with lovely Sharon (which I've known during my Mt Kinabalu climb in July) and had an awesome Coffee and lunch at Kaffa Expresso Bar.

Photo 13// Infamous Nasi 7 Benua with grilled chicken by Kaffa. Thank you very much Sharon for the birthday treat and gift xo

Photo 14// Cendol - After a quick lunch, Sharon taught us how to use Grabcar in Penang and we headed back to our previous hostel - the Frame Guesthouse before we continue our journey of food hunting. This time our main focus is the famous Teochew Cendol which located at Penang's street. Equipped with physical map in hand and on our phone google maps - off we go!

Photo 15// Famous fried Char Kueh Teow at Penang's street - we ate a lots of foods here but hmm..I'm not sure either I took a photo the rest of the foods or not.

Photo 16// Another Penang's famous Laksa

Photo 17// Penang's handmade Tambun biscuits - Both B and I freaking love this biscuit, I even bought a few boxes for home and office LOL After visiting Padang Kota and Cornwallis's Fort and a few round of walking here and there, we finally decided to headed back to our hostel for a quick wash up and rest. We spend a good few hours catching up with the rest of traveler in our dorm and sharing a few tips and stories regarding our travel, so far.

Photo 18// Street food for our last dinner at Penang - Around 8.30PM, we decided to wander around looking for street food for our dinner before we went for a little bit of walking and then massage. After a good round of massage, we finally hit the sacks at 12 midnight.

Photo 19// An early simple breakfast at the hostel - I bought the novel from the secondhand bookstore that we managed to catch up before it's close and we are waiting for Sharon to come and pick us up for our last day adventure in Penang.

Photo 20// Major thanks to Sharon and her friend - they brought us to eat breakfast like a true Penangite.

Photo 21// I forgot what is this dish name - but B really love it! The chili goes well with the thick gravy and slice of pork fat in it. Nyum!
Photo 22// Enjoying our breakfast before we went to Lorong Kulit and Francis Light Cemetery:)

So, are you hungry yet? HAHAHA Congratulations for making it until the end of the post :) To be honest, I don't think 2 days at Langkawi and Penang will ever be enough for me and B because we are such a foodie and we enjoyed our first travelling together ( outside from Sabah). Thank to God that I've finally crossed one of my bucket-list i.e travel/backpacking during my birthday and major thanks to my bf; my travel guide slash partner and my bodyguard for the whole trip and also Sharon for the birthday treat/gift and for being so wonderful and brought B and I for an amazing sightseeing; I could never forget that we took the road less traveled. I'm so blessed with wonderful and amazing people in my life. And of course I told B that we must go back to Penang since we have not yet fully explore the rest of it hehehe and he agreed ;)

Thanks for reading xo


  1. Yummy, Tasty, Delicious, even words are less to explore about the foods shared here. Congratulations for your birthday and Anniversary. Enjoy beautiful life and explore some more delicious food.


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