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Let just say, I had very stressful and long day at work and only started to unwind when mom said she wanted to cooked Chicken curry for dinner (I'm a sucker for her curry, I could refill my rice thrice) eventhough I told her that I'm on a diet pfft but will she even listened? Instead she happily picked up the chubbier potatoes for the curry and jokingly teasing me and my never-success-diet-everytime-fail HAHA As my mood started to lighten up, we got home and I've wanted to cook the rice for dinner and I saw two weird packets of something familiar. 
“Eh, why is my ice-blended drink mix is on top of kitchen counter?”
Then a familiar fruity fragrance started to penetrate my ever-bloody-sensitive-nose and I said its smell like my energy drink (the one that I always consume during run/hiking to give me an extra boost of energy) and I saw the packets are all torn up and empty! 
OMG this is mine! I'd hide it inside my closet so that nobody NO F BODY will take it! Imagine my …


As most people know, August was my most favorite month of 'em all - simply because it was my birthday month (and our anniversary month). I turned 27th this year and both B and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary together. Since B was so interested on my always-preferable-choice-of-travelling aka backpacking style, hence we've decided to do 5 days 4 nights backpacking to Penang and Langkawi. Our travelling plan was set as food hunting and mostly enjoying whatever both Penang and Langkawi can offered us in short amount of time and wallet-friendly. Since I took tons of food photos, so I've decided to share my birthday getaway through all the awesome foods that we sinfully (without any regrets..) indulged in. Hope you guys enjoy!
Photo 1// Nasi Kandar Beratur - This is our first meal in Penang. Soon after we checked in to our dorm, B bring us to have our dinner here since he said he was missing and craving for this food. 
Photo 2// Papa's Coconut Ice Cream for dessert -…