Hola everyone! Been awhile since my last post in July – I was caught up with hectic schedule soon after I’ve fully recovered from our Mt. Kinabalu excursion. Said goodbye to July and now welcoming August with a thankful heart. August always have been my favorite month – not only it is my mom and I birthday month but also the month that B and I celebrate our anniversary. #blessed

So, I have made somewhat official announcement in both my blog’s Instagram @ffmdigitalmemoirs and my personal account regarding my new official domain for FFM DIGITALMEMOIRS. YESSSS guys – my blog finally has its own domain now! I have been blogging for 6 years now; starting from the FLH – Faith.Love.Hope and until last year where I changed my blog name to FFM DIGITALMEMOIRS. If you have been following and reading my blog for years, then you probably know that I did ever mentioned of changing my blog name for quite sometimes and last year I finally did it – all these changes happened slowly, same as getting my own domain – step by step. My next step probably getting my own hosting which would take years HAHAHAHA but I will keep upgrading from time to time.

I love writing. Ever since I wrote my first story in primary six, I know that I will always find pleasure in writing. Being a blogger has allowed me to be what a real world could not gave me. For that I am always thankful. Through years of writing and sharing my own life moment; let it be a joyful nor a sad one – I never regret those post at all. Even my previous relationship has failed, I still keep some of the old blog post. Why? Because it was my memories and I choose to kept it because I want to remember it. Though I did deleted some post(s) because I have such high respect for myself. TEHEEE Anyhow, since I'm still using free Blogspot as a hosting, you guys can still use my old blogspot link which will be automatically re-directed to the new .com domain. In addition to my official domain, I've also changed my header a bit because I need to give some color in my blog. 

Thanks for reading x


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