Happy weekend everyone! 

Yesterday we had the chance to have a little catching - up brunch with friends. With everyone's busy schedule (and new PokemonGo hunting activities..), we finally managed to have brunch and spend time together. At first, we wanted to go to the Madam Hing's Fish Soup at Towering but sadly it was closed and we decided to head over to Kepayan Point - KK See You Seafood Restaurant.
We have decided to try the house specialty of Tom Yam soup and Fried Bitter Gourd with salted eggs yolk. Honestly, we are soooo hungry and its took more than 15 minutes for our foods to arrive. Even the drinks took almost 10 minutes to arrive! I was so thirsty and gulped down my Kopi Ping in instant and requested for an extra Chinese Tea.

#rice #tomyamsoup #chinesetea #mixedofchillies
The bitter gourd was coated with thick nyummylicious of salted egg and few ingredients. Eventhough the coating was thick, you can still taste the bitter gourd and it was extremely crunchy. OMG!
Rate: 5 / 5 (Yes! It is super amazing.)
The Tom Yam came in medium - size bowl and cost about RM 10 (excluding rice). We choose the normal one with fish cakes and fish balls filling instead of prawns. The soup was "OK" to me and slightly too sour for my liking. We didn't even finish the whole bowl (I usually finished my soup - most of the time) so, it is just a "so - so" for me.
Price is too expensive for such fillings. Plus I can get RM9 a much better Tom Yam fish soup at Restaurant 818 in Donggongon.
Rate: 3.5 / 5 

K.K See You Seafood Restaurant
Address: Block C, Lot 22, Kepayan Point, Penampang Bypass, Kepayan, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Phone: +60 16-836 4778
Open today · 7AM–10:30PM

All in all, it was a nice started for the weekend with catching up with few friends while hunting for Pokemon HAHA Ps. There are two Pokestop at the place and mostly popular with Rattata, Pidgey, Caterpie and a few Venomat and Ghastly here and there when someone turned on their lure. HAHAHAHA #pokemongocrazy

Till then! x


  1. Sa pnya favorite tu tomyam. Yg paling sedap sa pernah mkn sana Kedai Kopi Seng Hing, blakang le-meridien. In fact sana guan fatt pun bulih tahan juga tomyam dia hehehe...

    1. Sama lah!! Ehhh seriusss bahhh Guan fatt pun ada? :O

  2. the tom yam soup looks so yummy in the picture, it's shame that it was too sour :(

  3. wah sdh ada domain. share mcm mana ko hosting??

    1. Hehehe yaaa..a month guna NetKL, sana ada tu cara2 dia, cost dia etc :)


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