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Happy weekend everyone! 
Yesterday we had the chance to have a little catching - up brunch with friends. With everyone's busy schedule (and new PokemonGo hunting activities..), we finally managed to have brunch and spend time together. At first, we wanted to go to the Madam Hing's Fish Soup at Towering but sadly it was closed and we decided to head over to Kepayan Point - KK See You Seafood Restaurant. We have decided to try the house specialty of Tom Yam soup and Fried Bitter Gourd with salted eggs yolk. Honestly, we are soooo hungry and its took more than 15 minutes for our foods to arrive. Even the drinks took almost 10 minutes to arrive! I was so thirsty and gulped down my Kopi Ping in instant and requested for an extra Chinese Tea.

#rice #tomyamsoup #chinesetea #mixedofchillies #perfectbrunchfortokickstarttheweekend The bitter gourd was coated with thick nyummylicious of salted egg and few ingredients. Eventhough the coating was thick, you can still taste the bitter gour…

Mt. Kinabalu Excursion

When foreigner or West Malaysian asked me if I ever climbed Mt. Kinabalu, most probably will be shocked to know that I’ve never climbed (nor attempted lol) the third highest mountain in Southeast Asia. When Jess’s birthday date was available for climbing, we immediately grabbed the opportunity with the rest of our gang. There were 10 of us; myself, Jess, Marsha (Jess’s sister), Jacy (B’s little sister), Detch, Liza, Zara, Kingston, Suzi and Matdin. (Suzi and Matdin also celebrated their birthday in July!) Fast forward to our climbing day on 20th July, we decided to directly go to Kinabalu Park on that early morning (hotel is expensive and hostels are mostly fully booked so it is advisable for you guys who plan to climb Mt. Kinabalu to booked your accommodation as early as possible!) 
Prior to packing for the 2 days 1-night trip, I was having a difficult time to pack – was thinking if I need more clothes to accommodate the low temperature up high on the mountain and so many more. My s…


Hola everyone! Been awhile since my last post in July – I was caught up with hectic schedule soon after I’ve fully recovered from our Mt. Kinabalu excursion. Said goodbye to July and now welcoming August with a thankful heart. August always have been my favorite month – not only it is my mom and I birthday month but also the month that B and I celebrate our anniversary. #blessed
So, I have made somewhat official announcement in both my blog’s Instagram @ffmdigitalmemoirs and my personal account regarding my new official domain for FFM DIGITALMEMOIRS. YESSSS guys – my blog finally has its own domain now! I have been blogging for 6 years now; starting from the FLH – Faith.Love.Hope and until last year where I changed my blog name to FFM DIGITALMEMOIRS. If you have been following and reading my blog for years, then you probably know that I did ever mentioned of changing my blog name for quite sometimes and last year I finally did it – all these changes happened slowly, same as getting my …