[JJC2016] #9 Five Favorite Things I love about raining season

Here in Malaysia, we do not have the 4 seasons like those other privilege countries. However, we do have dry and raining season and I’m a huge fan of the raining season minus the time when I do not have any clothes left because laundry takes ages to dry under the cold weather. Here are 5 things I love about raining season:

1. The cold temperature makes you feel super comfortable lounging around wearing yoga pants and a big huge comfie T-shirt.

2. More than 5 cup of Coffee/Tea per day are acceptable – hey, we are fighting the cold and keeping ourselves warm. Aren’t we?

3. Sleeping the whole day because we can hardly do any outdoor activities.

4. Eating a tons of carbs are acceptable HAHA well, at least you feel less guilty.

5. Piles of laundry are understandable. #lazyaf

PS. Due to some inconvenience, I’ve decided to omit 6 days’ worth of challenges and changed a few challenges accordingly because I couldn’t find myself to publish a half-hearted post just for the sake of doing the challenges. 

PPS. Changes & revised journal challenge as per below:

16. Room Tour
17. Dream Travel Destination
18. Nature
19. The Weather Today
20. Grateful
21. Inspiration
22.What Makes You Laugh
23. Favorite OOTD
24. Old Photo of Family Member
25. Explore
26. I’m excited for…
27. A view from today
28. Someone/something you love
29. I wish…
30. How you feel today
31. Celebration

Thanks For Reading x


  1. Texas doesn't have all 4 seasons either :( It's just ridiculously hot for 10 months and then slightly cold when "winter" comes long. Haha, I love eating carbs during any weather ^_^


  2. yeah siok bh tdr lau ujan2 kan


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