[JJC2016] #7 Spring Cleaning my iPhone

Since today challenge is about "What did I do today?", I've decided to share a bit on how I had spent my day by spring cleaning my phone today. First and foremost, I'm a legit photo hoarder - I not only hoard downloaded tons of Pinterest's photo, I even store those unnecessary photos which I guaranteed won't be looking/publishing nor sharing *rolls eyes* I even keep those blurry photos and selfies!! Plus it was much needed spring cleaning because I have only a few memories left (< 1GB) and I needed more space for my upcoming trips etc.
This is how my phone look like before the spring cleaning - not bad according to my little sister but I was desperately need to clean some of the old and repetitive photos and files in my phone and iCloud storage.
A pain in the f*king *ss 
Much better now! After a whole day (spring cleaning a bit during a lil work break hehe) and 2 hours at home later, I was able to arrange my apps properly and free almost 20GB worth of memories. *success* So, what did you do today? I hope everyone had a productive day! x


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