[JJC2016] #4 Awkward 1st Date with ❤

Oh sheetz! A delayed post because I forgot to clicked "publish" *ashamed*

A year ago in July, I came to know this creepy guy who stalked me in Instagram. In his defense, he just want to get to know me since we have few mutual friends together HAHA. Honestly, he was creepy and annoyed me to the max. However, as we started to private message-ed each other more, I found out that he was actually an interesting guy and somewhat "too good to be true". At that time I told myself that there is a reason why God sent this creepy guy out of no where and I decided to go with the flow and see where things will go. Somewhere or somehow we fall in love with each other and here we are now HAHA #YASNOCHEESY

We might spend most our time being far away from each other but we cherished those time when we managed to be with each other even for a short period of time. Though for today post, I'm going to share a very non cheesy story about our first date which happened last year HAHA Before we met, we basically have known each for a few months (we send lots of hints LOL but we never actually make it official).

It happened last year when B went back to Sabah for a short holiday - since we didn’t manage to see each other early because he want to spend time with his family, B purposely came down to the city so that he can meet me. I mean, he need to drive almost 4 hours if traffic is good or more than that just for the sake of meeting me. However, we did actually have a few disagreements before we met and I was very pissed at him. If you think we clicked directly after we met – WRONG. It was so damn awkward. Like seriously A-W-K-W-A-R-D. Since I haven’t been dating that much (I was in 5 years long term relationship with my ex before) hence I feel extremely pissed because I was feeling all dumb and shy. *rolls eyes* Because B is a straight-forward and no nonsense kind of guy, its actually very hard for me at the beginning – I’m all shy and God know how many times B teased me for being awkwardly shy.

When B picked me up from my office and I saw him face to face and he saw me in real life sans enhancement filters etc, we awkwardly shook hands and off off we go on our first date. My first impression – well, I know our height different was not that much but I didn’t expect him to be almost the same height as me! As for B, he also did not expect that I’m big and tall. But, it does not matter anyway, our height makes it very easy for us to kiss and whatnot (no need to tip toe #win) BAHAHAHAHAA Then we had dinner at Alamesra. We had the infamous burger bakar and it was nyummy though expensive. We had a great time chatting while having dinner. On our back, we decided to watch a late night movie. If I’m not mistaken, we watched Inside Out. Yeah, so much for not-a-romantic-movie-fan-we-are HAHA After the movie, B send me home and we awkwardly gave each other an awkward good bye. All in all, it was a memorable 1st date that I ever had in a very long time. As awkward as it was, B and I eventually decided to be in relationship afterward and my shyness level has decreased tremendously around him and we even treat our date as hang out session - most of the time. He is my best friend after all

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  1. Haha, "creepy guy". While it sounds like you two are the complete opposites, it sounds like you two are perfect and complete each other <3 So great to be with someone you can be yourself with. Congrats on the 1 year!



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