[JJC2016] #3 Current Favorite Products & Things To Do

Happy Weekend! I changed the title a bit because I don't have that many favorite things to do at the moment (apart from sleeping and eating HAHA) - so the topic will be more general for me to work with. Without further a due, lets scroll below for my current favorites products/item and favorite things to do.

1. Current Favorite Beauty Products: The Skin Therapy Oil by Palmer's // Elianto's Nail polish in Pink Nude (No. 27)
I love these beauty products to the max! I've been using the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for 2 months now and I've been loving the product effects. It left my sensitive and dry skin fully hydrated and its gave this youthful look with its extra Vitamin E. Plus, 30ML can last me about 2-3 months. Definitely worth it. Elianto's Pink Nude always have been my go to nail polish. It gave a chic look which I really love.

2. Current Favorite Drink: BOH Instant 2 in 1 Tea (No sugar)
Its takes quite a while for me to get to used to its strong tea without any added sugar but I'm now hooked and I prefer this Tea than my normal Coffee now.

3. Current Favorite Spotify's Playlist: K-Party Dance Mix
My current go to workout playlist or house chores playlist LOL (Yes, I secretly dance few songs away while washing the dishes..)

4. Current Favorite Game: Dragon City
I'm OBSESSING OVER this game like a crazy addicted gamer. I can't help it - my dragons are so cute and adorable! Ps. Sorry for the poor photo quality.

5. Current Things To do: Pending Books to be read!
*sigh* I just couldn't find the time. Once done with work, I have to do a bit of training and then house chores. By the time I take a bath/shower, I will directly fall into sleep. (Even B complained about my recent dilemma of getting enough sleeping and totally dead to the world or being a late sleeper and didn't miss anything..) *double sigh* L-I-F-E *sigh again*

Thanks for reading! x


  1. I love this post. And your favorite nail polish has an amazingly beautiful color. *w* YI love reading so much too but until I finished my exams I didn't have time to read anything but now I am just not in reading-mood if I can say it that way. xD During my semester I read 30-50 books (sometimes 1 book/2 days)because I had to finished my projects and it was really hard.

    I'm your new follower on GFC and Bloglovin' I hope you can follow me back :)

    Bye, Shiki

    [Beauty and Destroy]

  2. nude pny nailpolish mmg chic to the max!! sa pn suka

  3. nude pny nailpolish mmg chic to the max!! sa pn suka


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