So, it is the 1st day of July Journaling Challenge and I’m pretty excited HEHE I have all these draft(s) ready and I think I’m quite well prepared for this challenge. Without any further a due, let scroll down below 27 facts that you need to know about ME, MYSELF and I.
  1. I’m 27th years old, hence the 27 facts. Geddit
  2. I live somewhere in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – East Malaysia
  3. I'm the eldest grandchildren (for my mom side) // the eldest child in my family
  4. I have high level of sarcasm
  5. I don't tolerate cheater, backstabber, gossiper i.e those who spread false rumors, liar, over-achiever person who like to bring other down even his/her own friends just to step up his/her level, messy people (sorry, my perfectionist heart is cruel) & narrow-minded person.
  6. I get bored easily & fast
  7. I'm 80% introvert and another 20% extrovert (As much I love being cooped up inside my room all days/week, I still need my social life)
  8. I fucking love reading historical romance
  9. Sometimes I didn't realised that I write & speak too many vulgar word (refer no. 8)
  10. And I'm very lazy to delete it so I just crossed it. If you saw many xxxxxxx like this, I meant it; in a soft/gentle/polite way as possible. 
  11. B is my bestfriend, gossip-mate, my tech guru, my place to vent, my comforter, my shoulder to cry on (tho I never cry liddat in front of him) and my BF. He is my serendipity. *heart eyes*
  12. I'm a proud pet mom to gorgeous I-forever-think-as-puppy Gerladine // Gerl. She is a mother of two adorable, tiny little puppies now so I'm basically a grandma.
  13. I love rain but I can't stand the cold
  14. I'm aspiring "minimalist" - I've just started my journey and all I can say is that I have long long long way to go but I'm happy with my lifestyle choice.
  15. I love carbs (that's why I will never gonna lose weight..forever fat)
  16. Despite being over-weight, I am a runner and I'm 2x marathoner
  17. I don't know how to use snapchat other than taking tons of selfie with filters LOL (tho snap me @fayfm89)
  18. I don't like messy place but I make mess far more often than I favor
  19. When I travel, I collect key chains as my token of remembrance (apart from thousand of pictures hehe)
  20. I have obsessions with eyebrows (I've spend majority on getting the "brows on fleek" every morning when I get ready)
  21. I google-d almost E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G
  22. I like man whose actions speak louder than word
  23. I don't lose an arguments - often I always won
  24. I hate people who like to complains a lot; it's super annoying
  25. I can spend hours watching "Room tours/House/Loft/Apartment tours" on Youtube and still I have no idea how to decorate my room. #typical
  26. I have tattoo and will be adding another soon *birthday wishlist*
  27. Last but not least, I'm a foodie which explain why there are lots of FOODS post in my blog TEHEEE

So, tell me about yourselves? Do we share some similarities etc?
Thanks for reading x


  1. Aw, the way you described B was adorable <3 I also get bored easily, which is terrible because I have a high level of curiosity and always want to try everything. I'm guilty of starting things but never finishing. Carbs are also my weakness, and I seriously gained 30 lbs because I couldn't stay away from pastas and burgers...and tacos. It was great getting to know more about you!



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