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[JJC2016] #9 Five Favorite Things I love about raining season

Here in Malaysia, we do not have the 4 seasons like those other privilege countries. However, we do have dry and raining season and I’m a huge fan of the raining season minus the time when I do not have any clothes left because laundry takes ages to dry under the cold weather. Here are 5 things I love about raining season:
1. The cold temperature makes you feel super comfortable lounging around wearing yoga pants and a big huge comfie T-shirt.
2. More than 5 cup of Coffee/Tea per day are acceptable – hey, we are fighting the cold and keeping ourselves warm. Aren’t we?
3. Sleeping the whole day because we can hardly do any outdoor activities.
4. Eating a tons of carbs are acceptable HAHA well, at least you feel less guilty.
5. Piles of laundry are understandable. #lazyaf

PS. Due to some inconvenience, I’ve decided to omit 6 days’ worth of challenges and changed a few challenges accordingly because I couldn’t find myself to publish a half-hearted post just for the sake of doing the ch…

[JJC2016] #8 Cotton and Bud

Three weeks ago, Gerl has given birth to these two adorable pups and they were sooooooo tiny and adorable. Both newborn can directly fit one palm *cute much* but today; even one can get your hand full HAHA
Very identical when they were only a few days old. 3 weeks later - getting bigger by day  My little sister and my mom decided to name the baby girl - Cotton coz her fur is very soft and remind us of cotton and the baby boy - Bud simply because he is a boy and Bud is acceptable and when we know these two will be bestfriend forever which inseparable, hence Cotton and Bud. x

[JJC2016] #7 Spring Cleaning my iPhone

Since today challenge is about "What did I do today?", I've decided to share a bit on how I had spent my day by spring cleaning my phone today. First and foremost, I'm a legit photo hoarder - I not only hoard downloaded tons of Pinterest's photo, I even store those unnecessary photos which I guaranteed won't be looking/publishing nor sharing *rolls eyes* I even keep those blurry photos and selfies!! Plus it was much needed spring cleaning because I have only a few memories left (< 1GB) and I needed more space for my upcoming trips etc.
This is how my phone look like before the spring cleaning - not bad according to my little sister but I was desperately need to clean some of the old and repetitive photos and files in my phone and iCloud storage. A pain in the f*king *ss  Much better now! After a whole day (spring cleaning a bit during a lil work break hehe) and 2 hours at home later, I was able to arrange my apps properly and free almost 20GB worth of mem…

[JJC2016] #6 Art by P R I S M A

So, if you know me well enough, you'd probably notice that I have a penchant with trying new apps and keeping it or deleting it as often as possible. One day my phone was full and messy with latest updated apps and then the next day it became clean and tidy. Anyhow, today journal's challenge is about drawing/painting which I sort of fail at (I used to be good at it but..*sigh*) so I cheated a bit by using this new apps called P R I S M A to do some artsy fartsy photo collages HEHE

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Slowly trying to catch up with the journaling challenge x

[JJC2016] #4 Awkward 1st Date with ❤

Oh sheetz! A delayed post because I forgot to clicked "publish" *ashamed*

A year ago in July, I came to know this creepy guy who stalked me in Instagram. In his defense, he just want to get to know me since we have few mutual friends together HAHA. Honestly, he was creepy and annoyed me to the max. However, as we started to private message-ed each other more, I found out that he was actually an interesting guy and somewhat "too good to be true". At that time I told myself that there is a reason why God sent this creepy guy out of no where and I decided to go with the flow and see where things will go. Somewhere or somehow we fall in love with each other and here we are now HAHA #YASNOCHEESY

We might spend most our time being far away from each other but we cherished those time when we managed to be with each other even for a short period of time. Though for today post, I'm going to share a very non cheesy story about our first date which happened last year HAH…

[JJC2016] #3 Current Favorite Products & Things To Do

Happy Weekend! I changed the title a bit because I don't have that many favorite things to do at the moment (apart from sleeping and eating HAHA) - so the topic will be more general for me to work with. Without further a due, lets scroll below for my current favorites products/item and favorite things to do.

1. Current Favorite Beauty Products: The Skin Therapy Oil by Palmer's // Elianto's Nail polish in Pink Nude (No. 27) I love these beauty products to the max! I've been using the Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for 2 months now and I've been loving the product effects. It left my sensitive and dry skin fully hydrated and its gave this youthful look with its extra Vitamin E. Plus, 30ML can last me about 2-3 months. Definitely worth it. Elianto's Pink Nude always have been my go to nail polish. It gave a chic look which I really love.
2. Current Favorite Drink:BOH Instant 2 in 1 Tea (No sugar) Its takes quite a while for me to get to used to its strong tea withou…


They said 30's is the new 20's so I'm now basically in my mid 20's slash young adult and I probably still get away if I have done something terrible because I can validly use the "we young people makes mistakes" excuses and just shrug it off HAHA For the 2nd day of July journal challenge, I've decided to share my 15 goals before I turn the big three O.
Travel to all country in Southeast Asia i.e Brunei, Myanmar, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. I have yet to travel another 7 countries.Diving. I have few places in Sabah that I'm very interested to go for a dive. I need to get my water panic attack in order tho.Run an ultra marathon.Publish a book.Get married (?)Climb Mount KinabaluVisit/Trekking/Climb Mount RinjaniParaglidingFinally decorate my place exactly like my "room/house inspiration" i.e all white, vintage and chicPay all debts and be debt-freeHave more than 10K savingsHave a…


So, it is the 1st day of July Journaling Challenge and I’m pretty excited HEHE I have all these draft(s) ready and I think I’m quite well prepared for this challenge. Without any further a due, let scroll down below 27 facts that you need to know about ME, MYSELF and I. I’m 27th years old, hence the 27 facts. Geddit?  I live somewhere in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah – East Malaysia I'm the eldest grandchildren (for my mom side) // the eldest child in my family I have high level of sarcasm I don't tolerate cheater, backstabber, gossiper i.e those who spread false rumors, liar, over-achiever person who like to bring other down even his/her own friends just to step up his/her level, messy people (sorry, my perfectionist heart is cruel) & narrow-minded person. I get bored easily & fast I'm 80% introvert and another 20% extrovert (As much I love being cooped up inside my room all days/week, I still need my social life) I fucking love reading historical romance Sometimes I didn't rea…