Weekend Getaway in KUCHING

Eventhough I didn't make any plan to travel abroad this year because of the poor exchange rate currency issue, positively I take it as a chances to explore my beloved country more, in particular my own state i.e Sabah and the neighbouring state i.e Sarawak and perhaps a few runcation trip to KL. Alright, enough nonsense, let me write about our weekend getaway on the third week of May in Kuching. We actually went to Kuching for a back to back running events which are Newton Challenge Night run and Momentum 3.2 Run. Honest to God, my main purpose of going to Kuching is FOOD. Its was never about the run (OK OK maybe 15% is about the run hehe) but it will always be FOOD. FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD. Geez, I sounded like a legit pig.

WARNING: Heavy food - porn - saliva - inducing - photo - ahead!
The infamous Sarawak Mi Kolok

Cun Cheong Fun

We hunt for foods as soon as we touch down in Kuching. Obviously. Teehee!

 The events Tee & Vest :)

 KUCHING is an amazing place. Most of the old buildings still in good conditions and I really love how they managed the city development while still retain their old cultural building, streets etc.

Infamous 3 layer Tea
Fish porridge which cost RM3 (Die very cheap..)

Infamous Sarawak Laksa
Must take a photo with these cats!
For the sake of...
Sarawak Kek Lapis

Ice Kantong @ Carpenter Street

 The last food I ate in Kuching is this plain - overpriced porridge at the Airport. Hmm. My heart still yearned for the street/local foods.

I hope you guys enjoyed the little food-porn tortures and August please come fast! x


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