[TRAVELOGUE] MALIAU BASIN EXPEDITION (DAY 2: Study Centre - Agathis Camp - Nepenthes Camp)

Hello. I've been slacking - pretty bad this time, huh.

After a long thoughts (and brain – freeze due to writer’s block), I've decided to continue my adventure story to the lost world of Borneo; Maliau Basin. We began our day 2 by packing all the necessary items (since we will be carrying our backpack the whole time during trekking! Unless you have enough moolah to hire a porter..I don’t - so I decided to ditch those extra shirts that I got and only brought two pairs). A very good lesson that I've learned for a backpack is that “you must invest in a good bag or else you will suffer along the way” My cheap bag didn't have a good support system so I've suffered a shoulder and neck pain along this trip. Adjusting the straps, heights etc didn't help either. After all the re-arrange and packing done, we went to the Centre’s restaurant for breakfast and took our packed lunch. As usual, I ate a lot of breakfast (a part of my conscience is afraid that I might starve myself only an hour after we went inside the trail HAHAHA) without feeling guilty at all.

Around 8-ish AM, we are all ready and gear up for our 1st day trekking. A number of 4WD cars are waiting for us and each of us are group into 4 for each 4WD. Laala, Jessca, Eyong and myself are in the same car and we had tons of fun getting all our answers from our driver. We arrived at Agathis camp approximately around 9-ish and the rangers and porters starting to weigh in all the food stuffs (which all of us has agreed to hire a porter to carry 40kgs of our foods!) and some of our personal stuffs like sleeping bag. Apparently I was carrying 10kgs of backpack on the 1st day itself. After all being packed properly, we started our trekking accordingly. There are three rangers; Masdi, Man and Atuck plus one porter which we called by his nickname – Tempeh. Our group of 19 automatically split into two groups – the team 1 which is led by Masdi as most of them are faster and our team 2; all about enjoying the nature and taking thousands of selfies!

The excruciating 3KM ascends are definitely NO JOKES. It is pretty impossible to survive the first 3KM. What with all the 90 degrees ladder and super crazy elevations. A single trekking from Agathis Camp (AC) to Nepenthes Camp (NP) is 7.5KM with 3KM ascending trek with 1,000+ elevation gains and it took us 6 hours. We arrived at NC around 4PM with no sign of Team 1. Since Team 1 reached NC very early (around 2PM), they went to visit the nearest waterfall which is Fouzi’s fall (with total 6-7KM loop) and only reached NC at 6 PM. Since we are too tired to go, we stay at NC and waits for Team 1 to return. While waiting for the other team to arrive, we prepared boil water for drinks and ate instant noodles as we are still tired and hungry! 

As the night creep in and the ranger turn on the generator for light, we sat down while drinking hot Nescafe and sharing stories/experiences with the other team members. We play around and laugh – it was indeed awesome. I will avoid to include the non – happy moment because it will only bring negative vibes to this whole trip (bitch be cray!) For our night in NC, we prepare the dinner while the other was taking photos and have a good chats. Most of our food is a canned one, so we didn't have to do much – just poured in the canned food and heated it up and voila it is served! Once our tummy are full and satisfied, we take turn to take a shower to clean ourselves and discuss a little bit about our journey to Maliau fall by tomorrow. Masdi did give us a few eerie stories and I couldn't shake my nervous-ness. The most important thing for our next journey is enough hydration so we boil enough drinking water the night before. We even plan to bring 2L each so that we have enough water for 17KM trekking i.e NC – Junction – Maliau fall – Junction – Ginseng camp (GC). Since I'm too tired, I sleep very early and managed to get a very good night rest. Was seriously wondering what will happen tomorrow tho.


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