Last month during the Harvest Festival holiday, we had the opportunity to spend the weekend together and we decided to have a mini staycation in once a very famous island known as Survivor’s Island or Pulau Tiga. You may know this island from the popular TV show - SURVIVOR. It was a weekend getaway since we have to return to the city on Monday to attend Michelle’s wedding at Kota Marudu. VLOG will be uploaded soon but in the meantime, please enjoy a few photos taken at the infamous Survivor’s Island by yours truly.
At Kuala Penyu junction.
On our way to Pulau Tiga. It took about 15 minutes to reach the island. The weather was good and the waves are tolerable.

Safely arrived at Pulau Tiga // Survivor Island

Our chalet :)

Amazing view from the balcony..How I wish I can woke up every day to this view.
[Catching the sunset compilation]

This guy and his lens :) He took amazing photos as well.

After spending some amount of time for photograph session/Go-pro session, we decided to enjoy the calm wave while watching the sunset. What a romantic way to end your tiring journey, right?
Dinner for two (?) please x

The pantry area where free flow of Coffee/Tea and re-fill water are available
Trail to the famous Mud Volcano
New form of Mud Volcano - this is how its started

After visiting and taking a dip in the volcano mud, we decided to clean ourselves and preparing to go Snorkelling. It was B's first time and he is handling the panic attack very well while I'm not. Most of the footage in the VLOG is taken by B while yours truly decided that I have enough and went swimming near the shore. We had our buffet lunch with the day trip's tourist then we packed all our bag and ready to check out from the island. If you are interested to go to Survivor Island or Pulau Tiga, I totally recommended an overnight stay though they do have a day trip package as well. You can email below for enquiries:

SDC Lodges (Pulau Tiga Resort)

ROOM RATES (as at May 2016)
Superior room : RM 385.00 per person / night
 Standard room : RM 325.00 per person / night

Other Activities & respective rates:
Sandspit trip : RM 90.00 per person
 Kayaking       : RM 21.20 per person
            Scuba Diving : RM 106.00 per person (1st boat dive)
               RM   84.80 per person (2nd boat dive and onward)
        Scuba Dive    : RM 212.00 per person  

Thanks for reading! x


  1. This is the coolest! I had no idea you could visit the island! I absolutely love your photos, they make me feel like I'm actually there, feeling the warm breeze and gazing upon that beautiful view. Ahh, I wish I was! Love your blog <3

    Beanau | Beanau

  2. Looks so relaxing! The sky photos are just beautiful. I'm glad you had such a wonderful time, thanks for sharing <3


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