Hi! For those who are wondering Lamai means Festival and Kaamatan means Harvest. Hence, this is a photologue during the recent Harvest Festival which I have attended in my hometown. I mostly took a video for my VLOG so only a few photos that I took using Gopro & my phone. Please excuse some of the photos quality. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you guy enjoy the photologue.

 A small hut set up by the 6 villages in our sub-district; Kinarut. 
Not a fan of those rubbish tho -_-

  All these small hut from 6 different villages offered FREE FLOW of traditional Kadazan Dusun's food.

Foods that I took from Kampung Punson Kirilip.
 Of course, what is "Lamai Kaamatan" without the popular Unduk Ngadau - Photo during the Introduction round for selection of Harvest Queen for our sub-district.
This was taken the night before; during the introduction of 20 contestants from 6 different villages.
Both cousins participated in the Children category which we called as Dazanak / Gingiliton. Such a cutie!
(Source: FB - Gary Galing)

(Source: FB - Gary Galing)
Sister & cousin in Papar traditional attire.
My favourite contestants during UN.
The "siung / sirung" - Papar traditional attire for the head.
Last but not least - our "duck face" LOL 
Glad that I was able to do my little sister make up for the competition that particular day and I can proudly said (certified by other as well) that my make up technique has improve quite a lots. Perhaps I should take a MUA class soon? x


  1. The harvest festival looks really interesting! Love the traditional costumes and he bright smiles! And yessss, go for MUA class! I'm sure it'll be fun :)

    x Reg of

  2. It looks like such a fun festival! Love your little snippets from it :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. Looks very fun! The attire contest looks amazing.


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