I’m not sure how many times that I have written a blog post with “sorry for the long hiatus as I’ve been busy” kind of intro but definitely 90% most of the time. I missed how I used to blog aimlessly – no purpose content except to write down how I feel and what I’ve been doing lately. Since I’m stuck (still..) with re-editing Kuching VLOG and the latest Survivor Island VLOG, I decided to post what I have been up to lately or perhaps a month ago HAHA
[Hello Green Tea Latte with extra Caramel]

1) Of course, we SABAHAN are blessed to have the longest weekend ever during the Harvest Festival on 30th and 31st of May. Since B was in town for a short holiday, we decided to have mini staycation at Survivor Island / Pulau Tiga during the long weekend. It was fun and relaxing; to be able to shut out from our busy schedule and spend the time together as we hardly managed to see each other often because we are in long distance relationship.

2) On 30th May, we witnessed our friend – Michelle’s wedding at Kota Marudu. I was, of course, chocking with emotions when both the bride and groom exchange their wedding vows. B had a great time catching up with his Goshen’s classmates despite the horrible heats.

3) I spend the last two weekends watching TEEN WOLF season 4 and season 5 and I did not regret the movie marathons at all. My inner introvert thanked me for not going out at all.

4) B was in town on 9th June and he surprised me with a lunch date. After working hour, we both decided to de-stress by watching the new movie Teenage Ninja Turtle. I will give 4 out of 5 rating for this movie. Megan Fox still HOT FTW!

5) After hours of editing the weekend getaway VLOG, I decided to re-edit the Kuching’s VLOG because I did not like the outcome of the video. Some clips are messy and the songs couldn’t fit in the way I’ve wanted it to be. So now I have two videos that I needed to edit and my phone is almost reaching less than 10GB memory available.

6) Went for a date with B, his little sister and cousin last Saturday before he fly back to work and we watched the CONJURING 2 together while we hunt for 360 phone case and some phone’s cable because I’ve wanted an extra cable for my office. I will of course rate the movie with 5 out of 5 HAHA because I shouted too many times and shamelessly loud.

7) On Sunday, I had a sibling’s day out with my little brother and his friends. We went for a movie marathon at Megalong HAHA Ah yes, I watched Conjuring 2 for the second time and Warcraft. It feels good to be able to enjoy the weekend with a younger crowd. Warcraft movie rating will be 4.5 out of 5. Simply because it is a continuous series and I wanted to watch the next one soon!

8) And here I am now, stuck with a boring daily routines – WORK, GO HOME, EDITING, WATCH SOME OLD MOVIE & SLEEP then repeat same old same old. Though this weekend promised a bit of fun schedule and hopefully I can update more on the “fun” activities later in the day.

Thanks for reading x


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