Iftar Buffet @ The Klagan Hotel, Warisan Square

Iftar (or Fatoor) (Arabic: إفطار‎‎ ʾifṭār 'breakfast') is the evening meal when Muslims end their daily Ramadan fast at sunset. Muslims break their fast at the time of the call to prayer for the evening prayer. (Source)

Last Sunday, we had a small gathering during Iftar. Since I was free and I thought that it could be my cheat day plus I could blog about it - I've decided to join the gang. The Iftar gathering was held at new branch The Klagan Hotel at Warisan Square. I've never been to the new branch except the old & larger branch at 1Borneo. The buffet area are more spacious than the other hotel that I've been to and there are varieties of foods and drink choice. We started around 6.40PM ish while waiting for the other to arrive. Parking was a bit hassle since we have to parked inside Warisan Square and went down to the Ground floor and took a lift inside the hotel lobby to level 11. 

On the plate: Nasi hujan (hmm..I forgot its full name) - more like Briyani rice, Daging masak Kurma (my absolute fav!), Fried Squid, some chicken dishes which I forgot as well LOL
Satay! The meat is so juicy and the kuah/gravy is delicious.
BBQ Mussels
Laksa Sarawak - tad plain, we all agreed the dish is missing a bit of lemon/lime juice

 #wefie with GF - Jessica

 Group photo
 With our traditional Malay dress

Overall, the ambience is very good and we had a great time catching up since we are now taking a break from joining any running events etc. Hence, this get together Iftar gathering managed to bring us closer. As for the foods, I'd say they still have room for improvement especially the "food re-fill time" could be a lot faster etc I do not have much complain on the foods/drinks section though I hope the management can be more attentive on the customer table especially those emptied plates which being piled up to ease the worker to clean etc Other than that, I had tons of fun with my running buddies and we cracked a lots of jokes (we are the noisier customer..for sure lol) and I think with the good ambience, foods and moderate service for RM40/pax is definitely worth it. 

Thanks for reading! x


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