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I kinda have this weird obsession – watching numerous videos on YouTube regarding “What’s on my iPhone” tags. Though most videos almost show the same apps etc but I still feel excited to watch it over and over again. LOL Since I don’t think that I'm going to upload such video; I will write instead what’s on my iPhone tag. So, my phone is the big and furious 6S Plus with 64GB memory and it is in GOLD colour. I'm comfortable with big phone though I hate bigger phone i.e Asus Zenfone 6 HAHA and my boyfriend actually urged me to take the 128GB but I thought 64GB will last me forever simply because I'm not an apps hoarder and I usually like to do some spring cleaning on my phone. Disclaimer: This iPhone is a precious gift and I'm not sponsored or anything – nada – at all.

My lock-screen wallpaper is from Pinterest and it is the same wallpaper as per my home page. I activated both my passcode & touch ID to unlock my phone. Most of the time, I'm using the touch ID coz I'm lazy liddat. HAHA
I only have two home pages - I like to keep everything pretty basic and generic.
On my 1st page, I have all my generic apps such as Message, WhatsApp, WeChat, FaceTime, Notes, Apps Store, Calendar, Photo, Clock, Camera & Music. Other than that, I have my VSCO, Shareit (sharing media such as photos / Videos to other non-iOS user), GoPro app, Instagram, Youtube, Laudate (Christian's app for bible reading, mass, prayers, devotion etc) and my Spotify. I also have two folders which I categorized into Health and Social. On the bottom, I have my Phone/Contact, Safari, Mail and Setting for a quick access.
Onto my Social folder, I have Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Skype (which was not supposed to be inside this folder but nvm), Dayre, Bloglovin (so I can catch up with lots of blog updates etc), Pinterest (my go to sources of wallpaper & quotes), Wordpress and Snapchat.
Meantime, in my Health folder, I have my absolute favourite Run Tracker - MiCoach Adidas (been using this for a year now and I'm still in love!), Sworkit (I do most pilates session & post run stretching here), P.C or Period Calendar which is self explanatory, Headspace (a meditation app), FatSecret (I use this whenever I think I need to check and cut down on calories), Blogilates (still checking a few of her workout..if I'm not lazy), Freeletics (I freaking love this app! I have done a few session and I freaking love the post exercise soreness for 2 days!) and last but not least my go to HIIT app MadBarz (Jessica introduced this app to me and I do understand why she love it so much)  
Next on the 2nd page, I have two folders and a few photography and Instagram related apps. I have InShot (for editing videos), Phontos (to insert wording on picture), PSexpress (Photoshop express to edit photos), Instasquare (to fit photo into the Instagram square...), Repost (also for Instagram - to legally repost a post in Instagram LOL), Colorfy (Digital drawing? Somewhat like Secret Garden except you do it on your phone), Color Story (Photo editor with awesome filters! I think a blogger develop this app and it is freaking awesome), Maybank (online banking..), Layout & Boomerang (Apps for Instagram as well).
For all those in-built apps that came with this iPhone which I did not use or not a fan of - I will put inside this EXTRA folder aka JUNK-HOW-I-WISH-I-CAN-UNINSTALL kinda folder hehe
Last but not least, here lies what's on my GAMES folder. This is my top 5 favourite games and no, I don't like games that makes my brain exploded - my work is doing a great job at that haha I saw Khloe Kardashian recently posted that she love Cooking Fever - OH YASS I DO TOO! Coz it's a freaking awesome game. Other than that, I do have another cooking game - Happy Chef. Yes, I play Clash Of Clan, in fact I'm more advance than my boyfriend *brush off shoulder* and my recent obsession Kendall & Kylie's game - OMG so good! I totally recommended this game (provided your phone storage is high coz this game is about 120MB-ish or 240MB..I forgot..) So, that it is. That is all what is on my iPhone. Not as interesting as others but there are few apps you can try on if you want :)

Till then x

Post note: Hi guys! If you have been visiting my blog for the past few days then you know that I had underwent a few peer pressure i.e changing the blog name and keep changing the blog theme. Honestly, I feel like that I have lost my passion to write in Blogger, hence I went and created another blog under Wordpress. However, it’s not even a week – yet and I’ve decided to stick back to Blogger. Long story cut short – I overthinking; according to my boyfriend. HAHA


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