Better write this one before I keep procrastinate until the end of time..tsk

Note: A very photo - heavy post.

Maliau Basin has been in my bucket list for years, ever since my internship at PPL Likas back in 2011. So, it has been 5 years since I dreamt about going to Maliau Basin and it came true when a friend from Rojak Runners invited me to join their Maliau’s expedition which will take place on 26th Feb till 29th Feb 2016. I guess I was too excited that I will be able to fulfilled one of long-time dream in 2016, I’ve jumped into agreement without thinking (It happened a lots these day..tsk) When the day finally came, I couldn’t shake off my excitement! I didn't sleep (I managed to nap for 2 – 3 hours, I think) and woke up very early to ensure that all my clothes and gears are ready. I’ve fully charged my phone and Go Pro (which my sweet and extra thoughtful BF lend to me, for all my expeditions and adventures this year) and ensure that my charger etc are carefully packed inside a zip-lock bag. All my clothes and gears are neatly packed inside zip-lock bags because I’m not really sure if the cheapo travelling bag that I bought from Lelong.com is waterproof enough.

At 5 AM – sharp, we departed from home (coz I live quite far from KK, hence I have to depart early or my mom will get caught in traffic jam later) and arrived at KK TIMES SQUARE around 5.30 AM – ish which is still early since some of us are still on the way. As usual, hug and kisses with momsie before I decided to wander around while waiting for the others to arrive. We only depart from KK around 8.30 AM – ish, one and half hour later than what we have planned earlier. TYPICAL. *roll eyes* It was 4 hours to 6 hours’ drive with a short rest at Keningau town for lunch.

 Early team that arrived at meeting point @ Imago.
 We are divided into two group since our van can only fit max 10 pax. So, this is the group that I'm travelling with. All are super noisy, happy go lucky and excited to go to Maliau Basin.
 A quick stop at Keningau for refreshment.
 Panorama view.

 After a lunch break at Keningau, we continue our journey which took approximately 2 and half hour to reach this small - unknown town (for me..) at Tibaw. This is about 5KM to Maliau Basin's gate.
 Arrived at Maliau's gate! Couldn't be happier. We registered our name & listened to some short briefing then continue our way to Maliau's study centre which took about an hour or more (due to the road condition..)

The huge layout of Maliau Basin's area at the study centre.

We arrived at the study centre approx around 5PM - ish (I think) and all of us gathered around for a quick briefing and discussion. Since we have a lots of foods *sigh* we have decided to hired a porter which cost RM100/10kgs/day. Other than that, we are also notified that we'll be staying at Nepenthes camp for a night instead of Ginseng camp for 2 days as per earlier itinerary. Everyone are very excited and *unsure* what is coming for tomorrow lol. 

To be continue Day 1: Night Walk at Maliau's Study Centre


  1. Hii there..thx for sharing! Nice advntru you hve there.. Just want to ask something.. Im planning to go there.. But dont know how much the cost.. Any the process. Mind to share?

    1. Hi there!

      You can go via travel agent but mostly very expensive or you can direct call Maliau Basin Conservation HQ at Yayasan Sabah (talk to Mdm Evelyn ...if I'm not mistaken) or contact their Tawau branch. They can quote you a better pricing than the tour agent.


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