February'16 Recap

Greetings awesome soul! I know I haven't been updating my blog in March hence in attempt to roll myself back to the blogging's mood - here's a sort of recap or review on what's going on last month on February. Lets break this blog hiatus, shall we?

1. Celebrated Chinese New Year at Pitas with B & his family and of course my bff, Jessica. It was mad awesome as it was full with love, laughter and awesome foods. I got to know B more and his family welcomed us as if we are one of their own. 

2. What did you do on Valentine's day? Jess & I were ghost-running during Penampang Run. Our pace still slow though but it is OK, it was never about the pace anyway. Afterward, we rushed to KKIA to send B off - he's flying back to Johor for work. *sigh* 

3. When my old XiaoMi started to acting up, B lend me his old Zenfone 6 before I can buy a new one. However, I'm very particular about phone and his ASUS also starting to acting up to the point that I was moody for the whole day - coz I'm perfectionist liddat and I want everything to be mad perfect. Cut the story short, B gave me iPhone 6S Plus as a gift which he did mentioned "do not expect another gift like this in the long time or else we won't get married" As a new iOS user, I am in fact in love with this phone. Though connecting to other non - iOS slash Android is a huge hassle.

4. Waiting for your dream job is a pain in the ass. Not to mention how many plan B, C (and it goes on) that you have created in case you did not get the job that you want. However, once you got it - it called for celebration! Photo: Celebrating with my bff at Souled Out, Imago. The foods was the bomb and the customer service are top notch!

5. My grumpy old man turned 27 on 27th Feb! It was actually a last minute attempt to surprise him - sceptical bf I got coz it's very hard to get the crucial info from him. I actually did dayre-ed this one so you can check it out HERE if you're interested. Ps. I had to arranged the birthday's surprise 1 day earlier since I was on my way to Maliau Basin. He love the surprise btw *100 points of being awesome gf*

6. Last but not least, another one ticked off from my long pending bucket list. I finally went to Maliau Basin! After 5 freaking years dreaming about it and finally went on 26th Feb until 29th Feb which is 4 days 3 nights adventure. OMFG so worth it! I will (of course!) do a separate post for my Maliau's Basin expedition - drafting blog post now, be patient. hehe

Ah. February flies so fast but I did not really mind. I actually have tons of planning this year, be it running, expedition, hiking and vacation - OMG. Finger's crossed that all our planning will be OK. Though I think I should try to slow down a bit because there's so much going on and I'm kinda afraid if I've missed anything out. *sigh* Balance - I need balance x


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