Fall seven times, stand up eight

I have always been a true believer that failure makes you stronger and if you want it bad enough – not a single failure will stop you from working your ass off for your dream. It’s the same thing that I have been reminding myself when I feel sad and disappointed when I choose to DNF from my 1st attempt of ultra – trail run recently. I know everything happened for a reason. In my case, my health did not allowed me to continue the run after 23KM under the hot 40°C scorching sun. My body couldn’t reason with my mind. While my mind said “I CAN” but my weak body said “CANNOT” and after the last blackout, I have to agree with my body. As I’m now trying to comfort my broken heart – since whenever I looked at my finisher medal & finisher Tee, I feel like I didn’t earn it. I feel like I didn’t try hard enough though I know I’ve pushed myself beyond the limit – I promised myself to train harder and smarter for future trail run and never ever think to rush out and reach the ULTRA level without proper training and mental preparation. 

Till then x

*Shakira - Try Everything playing in the background*


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