[Travelogue] Road Trip to Kudat

Gotta write and post this up before my Maliau Basin expedition next week x

Disclaimer: Photo-heavy post alert.

After so many fail attempts planning of going on a road trip to visit Kudat with my friends, my boyfriend finally granted my long pending bucket wish-list by bringing Jess and I on an impromptu road trip to Kudat. It was the 3rd day of CNY and we actually did not sleep the night before because we are too occupied gambling with the ladies BAHAHAHA (Don’t worry. B did slept, in fact he’s the one who remind us that we need to depart from Pitas at 4.30 AM to catch the sunrise – which obviously we didn’t manage to) We’re supposed to get ready by 4 AM and depart from Pitas at 4.30 AM sharp AHEM However, due to the awesome gambling session going on i.e the non-stop jokes/hashtags-making plus the instant noodles breakfast (the last winner has to eat the soggy instant noodles) which made us stop only at 4.30 AM after many attempt of “this is going to be the last one” HAHAHA Thus, we only managed to depart from Pitas at 5.12 AM – ish. I couldn’t blame the gambling because the ong was on my side the whole night/morning.

To be honest, B was quite worry about the weather since it has been raining heavily for the past 2 days. However, we are so grateful that by the time we arrived at Kota Marudu, the skies cleared up and we had a nice weather for the whole road trip. #ThankGod We arrived at Kota Marudu around 5.40 AM – ish, B stopped by to refuel and bought us some coffee and snacks for another hour of drive. I gulped the coffee immediately because I was planning to accompany B the whole way until we reached Kudat. Of course with his constant ramblings, none of us can steal a nap. LOL Our first destination was the infamous Simpang Mengayau also known as the tip of Borneo. We reached Simpang Mengayau around 7.40 AM where the sun was already up and the skies were all blue and beautiful. The view was magnificent and beyond word.

Picture perfect: Amazing view. Clear blue skies. Right amount of sunlight. Windy.

Ah. I couldn't resist my fav wheel pose. hehe

Mr. B - the driver, bodyguard and the mom :)

The infamous landmark for the Tip of Borneo - Simpang Mengayau

Soon after our seem-like-not-enough-photoshoot session, we decided to hit the beach and do some tanning session lol Honestly the beach is not really suitable for those who wanted to swim because the wave is huge and more suitable for surfing etc Spotted some surfer while we were soaking in the sun. We spent approximately about an hour or so before we decided to drive to Kudat town for our a little bit of tour and lunch. We had our lunch at the small Chinese stall before we continue our tour (inside the car) because Kudat is pretty packed that time. After a quick round, we continue our journey to another beach known as Tindakon Dazang. This beach is pretty secluded from the rest and still very popular to those who want a few private time with family and friends. Tindakon Dazang also famous for their Rungus Long house which we sadly did not interested to look around.

The happy us and the happy bodyguard :)

Tindakon Dazang beach

We spend most of our afternoon here. Chasing the big waves (They are huge! Bigger than the one at Simpang Mengayau) and soaking in the hot sun or mostly taking nap (for me...while listening to B ramblings about how crazy we are tanning under the scorching hot sun lol) Around 2.30-ish, we decided we had enough of UV rays and changed our clothes - getting ready to go back to Pitas. However since we are already in Kudat, we took our chance to dropped by and visit  one of the infamous Rungus long house. 

They actually have a room for rent. RM20 per night (If I'm not mistaken) and RM65 for a package including meals, entertainments etc. Will definitely come back to stay in case participating in any running events at Kudat. DEF.

Small stall near the long house selling hand-made Rungus crafts

Bought some souvenirs here using the ang pao(s) that we have received during CNY lol

Blurry take on the original traditional Rungus customes

Soon after we have finished touring the long house and the small stall, we continued our return journey to Pitas. We stopped for a quick lunch + dinner at Kota Marudu and then reached Pitas around 6 PM. I was so exhausted and thankfully Jessica managed to have *I'm not really sure hehe* what conversations with B. We took a shower and proceed to have an awesome and delicious dinner with B's family. Was supposed to continue our gambling session that night but we over sleep until the next morning HAHAHA Other than that, I'm very grateful toward B's effort to make all the plan working for us. From being a driver, bestfriend, photographer, bodyguard, the 'mom' and being the best boyfriend ever. x


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