Thank You 2015. Hello 2016!

Hello there x I hope it's still not to late to wish everyone a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016! ERMAGAD 2015 has passed us so fast and I still couldn't believe it (Oh well until my HOD returned a document to me and asked me to fix the year to 2016. Opps!) I know I haven't been updating my blog in December but if you are following me in Instagram then you probably know that I've been fully occupied last month; what with the virtual 100KM challenge (which yay I did it. In fact I ran more - 133KM in December 2015), spending time with family and friends. Unfortunately B did not managed to go home last Christmas but still I appreciate all his efforts to called and wishes me and the family for both Christmas and New Year.

2015 - 365 days filled with so many memories. A year where I finally break free and found myself. A year where I learned that to love is to risk everything - again. A year where I challenged myself and pushed myself beyond my comfort zone. I've become the survivor, the fearless, the risk-taker and all I want to be. I lose a friend and I've gained friends. I learned that I must surrounds myself with a good vibes. I speak for myself and let my voice to be heard. I stood for myself; though some still think it's an act of rebellious while it was not. I lose the one I thought as "the one" and found a better "one"; one who have been hurt badly and understand what I've been through. The one who did not promise me all the heavens nor stars in the sky but the one who promised to work for it and left the rest to God. The one who makes me feel comfortable in my own skins. The one who support my crazy things that I did for fun. The one who I know was skeptical and scared but still risked his heart to love me.

2016 - I want to find balance. I'm happy the way that I'm going now but I need to find balance for everything. Since 2015 has gone so fast; there were time where I was wondering if I can managed my finance and time properly - I can spend more time with the family, friends and my love one. I want to create more memories this year; let it be good nor a bad one. I want to spend less time in the virtual world and start to live fully in the actual one

Thank you 2015. Hello 2016 - I'm ready. Bring it on! x


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