27 Resolutions for 2016

Hello x
I’ve been gone again, haven’t I? hehe Pardons but life is so hectic at the moment. I finally had a time to sat down and catch up with all the blogpost(s) during this tapering week(s) – where runner actually reduced their training and focus on rest day for the very soon upcoming race. Anyhow it inspired me to write about my NEW YEAR resolutions for 2016 since I did not have any last year in 2015. Funny that 2015 was resolution-less yet I have achieved so much in just a year. However, my Virgo – minded brain decided that my goal – oriented mind work well with list and resolution(s). Hence, below are my 27 - 2016 resolutions for the whole world to gaze upon (coz I’m 27 this year).

1.       Run 42KM – Full marathon in 2016.
2.       Go holiday with love one. Local one also counts coz we never officially went out holiday together. 
3.       Expedition to Maliau Basin – the Lost World of Borneo.
4.       Travelling with the family.
5.       Climb Mount Kinabalu.
6.       Run Ultra Marathon. More than 42KM distance. Crazy I know.
7.       More discipline in work. Try not to mingle business with private life.
8.       Spend more quality time with my babies.
9.       Do more yoga and meditation.
10.   Sleep more than 6 hours daily. I sleep less sometimes. I know my bad. Tsk
11.   Read more books!
12.   Write a novel.
13.   Enrolled myself in educational class – any class will do. A cooking class even better. Hehe
14.   Go paragliding.
15.   Beach babes – at least visit 6 islands in 2016.
16.   Trail run – Half marathon 21KM and above.
17.   Less surfing the net and less become anti – social.
18.   Go to Music Festival. Oh yeah.
19.   Participate in BIM 42KM Full Marathon.
20.   Take boxing or muay thai class.
21.   Impulsive road trip.
22.   Take 100 cheesy photos with love one.
23.   Do charity.
24.   Ghost runner.
25.   Write a How to.
26.   Find balance in personal life and work.
27.   Work hard and play harder.

2016, please be awesome! x


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