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By the time you are reading this, you have probably knew since the early beginning that I have no such luck (nor commitment) for daily blog posting. However, I did have all my drafts post ready and edited tons of photos for my post and yet here I am - apologizing over another fail challenge i.e the 12 days of Blogmas.

In all honesty, I really wanted to makes this work but sadly my laptop which contain all my post (which by the way I have saved into a Word files) and nicely edited photos is officially in its dying bed. Unfortunately due to that reason, I'm unable to continue my blogmas post. Hopefully I will be able to do well in daily post challenges in 2017.

With that being said, wishing everyone of you a Merry Christmas ♥️ and Happy New Year 2017! May God bless all of us with abundant blessings during this blessed season and may all our wishes came true!

Much love from yours truly x

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BLOGMAS #2 Christmas's Playlist

Hello pretty pretty! :) Yeah, I know Day 2 (and Day 3 as well) post is late HAHAHA but no worries, I'm still gonna update and crunched all 3 posts today! Today I'm going to share my current Christmas's playlist which I keep on listening - repetitively over the pass few weeks.
As mentioned before, I prefer to listen to classic Christmas's song instead of those newly modernized by some popular artist. I've always love Boney M and my favorite song is still Mary's Boy Child / Oh My Lord ever since I was a kid. My siblings and I enjoy singing along this song whenever it was played, which is over and over again HAHA
However, recently I got hooked with Chris Tomlin's Christmas (LIVE) edition. Nothing weird though since I do love to listen to their worship song as it's almost similar to Hillsong Worship's genre. My favorite songs are He Shall Reign Forevermore and A Christmas Alleluia.  Last but not least, I have been obsessed with Big Bang's latest so…

BLOGMAS #1 The Christmas's TAG

Officially 10 days before Christmas’s Eve and how’s everyone has been doing so far? I’m still 70% loading up my Christmas’s mood and hopefully by doing this Christmas Tag that I have found at Bex’s Blog will amped up the mood a bit. So, without further a due – let’s get started.
1. When do you start getting excited for Christmas? When I started to see a Christmas’s decoration at the mall and listened to the classic Christmas’s song like Boney M. I will feel all giddy up and could not wait for 24th Dec, the Christmas’s Eve.
2. Do you still have an advent calendar? Sadly nope. But we do have the advent’s candle wreath where we will light up one candle every week approaching to Christmas.
3. What are your favourite Christmas films? Krampus? HAHA Well, I’m kidding. Krampus has changed my whole perception about Ginger bread cookies ever since. *shivers* My fav would be Christmas carol and the Smurf.
4. Do you have any funny Christmas memories? Apart from getting too drunk and went all out sing…

12 Days of BLOGMAS

Ho Ho Ho! Hello everyone! Christmas’s season finally upon us and we are soon going to close 2016 chapter and headed toward the new year – 2017. I hope everyone is having a good time preparing and getting ready for the upcoming Christmas’s holiday. I have always enjoyed watching VLOGMAS in Youtube and reading Blogmas by my favourite blogger in Bloglovin. Since I did not blog much this year, I’ve decided to do the 12 days of Blogmas this year! A little disclaimer: I’m very bad with challenges – most of my 30 days’ challenge ended up failed (previous failures: BEDN and 30 days’ blog challenge) hence why I choose to blog only for 12 days until Christmas instead of blogging every day for the whole December which is a VERY HUGE commitment for me. HAHA
I will start posting for my 1st Blogmas’s post by tomorrow and will ended the 12th day on Christmas day itself. My blogmas post will be consisted of Christmas’s post and some random post which I have been wanting to publish etc etc. HINT: Exp…


Let just say, I had very stressful and long day at work and only started to unwind when mom said she wanted to cooked Chicken curry for dinner (I'm a sucker for her curry, I could refill my rice thrice) eventhough I told her that I'm on a diet pfft but will she even listened? Instead she happily picked up the chubbier potatoes for the curry and jokingly teasing me and my never-success-diet-everytime-fail HAHA As my mood started to lighten up, we got home and I've wanted to cook the rice for dinner and I saw two weird packets of something familiar. 
“Eh, why is my ice-blended drink mix is on top of kitchen counter?”
Then a familiar fruity fragrance started to penetrate my ever-bloody-sensitive-nose and I said its smell like my energy drink (the one that I always consume during run/hiking to give me an extra boost of energy) and I saw the packets are all torn up and empty! 
OMG this is mine! I'd hide it inside my closet so that nobody NO F BODY will take it! Imagine my …


As most people know, August was my most favorite month of 'em all - simply because it was my birthday month (and our anniversary month). I turned 27th this year and both B and I celebrated our 1st year anniversary together. Since B was so interested on my always-preferable-choice-of-travelling aka backpacking style, hence we've decided to do 5 days 4 nights backpacking to Penang and Langkawi. Our travelling plan was set as food hunting and mostly enjoying whatever both Penang and Langkawi can offered us in short amount of time and wallet-friendly. Since I took tons of food photos, so I've decided to share my birthday getaway through all the awesome foods that we sinfully (without any regrets..) indulged in. Hope you guys enjoy!
Photo 1// Nasi Kandar Beratur - This is our first meal in Penang. Soon after we checked in to our dorm, B bring us to have our dinner here since he said he was missing and craving for this food. 
Photo 2// Papa's Coconut Ice Cream for dessert -…

VLOG - Walking along Lorong Kulit, Penang

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus as I have been pretty occupied with none other than procrastination itself HAHA However, I did uploaded a video from my recent #BirthdayGetaway in my Youtube channel few days ago. Do check it out! Ps. I promise to do a blog post soon. Let me sorted myself first out of these procrastination bubbles. x

Till then x


Happy weekend everyone! 
Yesterday we had the chance to have a little catching - up brunch with friends. With everyone's busy schedule (and new PokemonGo hunting activities..), we finally managed to have brunch and spend time together. At first, we wanted to go to the Madam Hing's Fish Soup at Towering but sadly it was closed and we decided to head over to Kepayan Point - KK See You Seafood Restaurant. We have decided to try the house specialty of Tom Yam soup and Fried Bitter Gourd with salted eggs yolk. Honestly, we are soooo hungry and its took more than 15 minutes for our foods to arrive. Even the drinks took almost 10 minutes to arrive! I was so thirsty and gulped down my Kopi Ping in instant and requested for an extra Chinese Tea.

#rice #tomyamsoup #chinesetea #mixedofchillies #perfectbrunchfortokickstarttheweekend The bitter gourd was coated with thick nyummylicious of salted egg and few ingredients. Eventhough the coating was thick, you can still taste the bitter gour…

Mt. Kinabalu Excursion

When foreigner or West Malaysian asked me if I ever climbed Mt. Kinabalu, most probably will be shocked to know that I’ve never climbed (nor attempted lol) the third highest mountain in Southeast Asia. When Jess’s birthday date was available for climbing, we immediately grabbed the opportunity with the rest of our gang. There were 10 of us; myself, Jess, Marsha (Jess’s sister), Jacy (B’s little sister), Detch, Liza, Zara, Kingston, Suzi and Matdin. (Suzi and Matdin also celebrated their birthday in July!) Fast forward to our climbing day on 20th July, we decided to directly go to Kinabalu Park on that early morning (hotel is expensive and hostels are mostly fully booked so it is advisable for you guys who plan to climb Mt. Kinabalu to booked your accommodation as early as possible!) 
Prior to packing for the 2 days 1-night trip, I was having a difficult time to pack – was thinking if I need more clothes to accommodate the low temperature up high on the mountain and so many more. My s…