November's Reflection

Hi guys. So, it is obvious that I have failed to blog everyday for November. However, I'm still happy that I'm blogging more this month compared to the earlier month for 2015. Reflection is the last topic for BEDN 2015 and I thought it was a great idea to reflect some of the things that happened this month and how its has affected me and my life etc.

In case you have missed my previous post, I started November with a great bang - I ran my first ever trail (Ranauthlon.15) and was so happy despite the post-bum-soreness for a week. Apart from that, I got to know more people and gained so many new friends. As far as love life get, LDR will never gonna get any easier and I was devastated to know that B will not be coming home for Christmas due to work related issue. I-ish sad but I cannot do anything about it. November also a month where I saw my girlfriend progress as she morphed into a very strong woman despite her ugly break up. I am truly happy for her and I believe there are a better man for her. 

What so great about this month - again is that Facebook remind me of a year ago memory; where I posted a quote and come clean about my ex cheating on me. How times flies and how I have changed since then. God is truly amazing with His plans. This also make me became so grateful that I have B as a partner now. Though we are still - practically new but I'm so much happier with him and I am more of myself when I'm with him. I trust God with His plan and I pray that he is the one. So damn cheesy today. I have no idea why. HAHA

Since I started November with a "bang", I'm ending it with a huge "bang" as well. My first-ever-badminton medal! *throw confetti* So, my colleague and I kinda won the women's team final match. #win

As Christmas's countdown has started and I have started my Virtual 100KM challenge - I will be a bit slower in the blogging department (Its has been the same anyway lol) and it is time to catch up with the family and relatives as I have been so busy this year. Have an awesome December everyone and lets finish 2015 stronger than ever. x


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