Virtual Run - 100KM Challenge for December 2015

So, approaching last 8 weeks before my virgin full marathon; I kinda lost some motivation to run. I'm blaming the cold and rainy weather now. My MiCoach kinda failed - literally to remind me that training is crucial. I've been skipping many days of training by now and I feel very very disappointed yet I can't move my lazy bum to go out train and run. This what I would like to call "lack of motivation or lazy bum phase" moment. And again, I wanted to blame the approaching Christmas's season which makes me wanna stay at home, watching tons of movies, drinking hot coffee and cuddled with my not-coming-home for Christmas partner. My baby Gerl will do tho my heart still yearned for him to be home. Oh Santa, please. Anyway, back to the topic - to get my super lazy ass to continue training for my FMV, I've decided to join this Virtual Run - 100 KM challenge in 1 month. Yeah, I do crazy things like this for - fun or desperate measure for last training as I need to taper in January or else die hor. lol
Ah gawd. Wish me luck guys x


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