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Hi there! Been missing a lots on the BEDN posting due to busy life schedule - juggling between works, trainings, social life and ugh the list goes on. Since it's pretty hard for me to catch up on the daily posting, I've decided to do random weekly posting with random topic picked up from the BEDN daily post list so its doesn't look like I'm giving up on BEDN easily tho my laziness level is pretty high at the moment.

Been missing this little corner so much and wondering when I can finish some of the books that I have not yet touch nor read. Sigh.

#Throwback - Poor baby

My baby Gerl got sick a week ago and I have to 100% take care of her for a few days until she recovered. She was diagnosed with fever and she was so weak, lose her appetite, and moody for a few days. She solely depend on water for 2 days because she did not even eat anything - even her favourite chicken was left untouched. I was so fucking worried and plan to bring her for another Vet's visit if she didn't eat after 3 days. Luckily on the 4th days of being sick, she ate a little bits of rice  + sardines (I think she was feeling a little bit well) and I decided to keep on monitoring her recovery progress. Thanks God she was fully recovered after 5 days of being sick and now she is back bouncing being the super naughty puppy that I have known. On other note, I really should start training her to be more decent and less spoiled since my dad has been complaining that she was naughtier than ever after she recovered from sickness - ERMAGAD. 

A much needed Black Coffee after our badminton's semi - final tournament.

Last Sunday on 15th, my team managed to won the semi-final without competing lol since our opponent did not present themselves during the match. Its feel kinda "unsatisfying" to win something without even working for it. Perhaps I feel that way because I'm more of result-oriented person. Anyway, our final match would be on last Sunday in November which fall on 29th. *finger's crossed* that we will be able to win the match. :)

Home-cooked Lunch - Day 5 

Last but not least, I am currently under 70% trying to eat healthy and cleaner foods and trying to cut down few kgs so that I can survived running my full marathon next year. Running has so far helped me to lose almost 5kgs in total, however my weight lost is inconsistent due to my heavy carbs addictions. So upon small talks/sharing with my pacer, I decided to eat less carbs especially the white rice (which I can eat everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner w/o feeling guilty whatsoever wtf) and less sweet and processed foods and fried foods and try really hard to eat a better healthy foods. You see, early November I have been very busy and lost track of my supposed to be healthy eating and gained 2kgs, making my weight 70kgs - back to the post breakup weight yo! I didn't really feel bad until B decided to commented that I've seemed to gained a bit. I guess, deep inside I'm still very insecure and uncomfortable with my body. Of course I love my body! Still sometimes I feel like I can do better and lose a few more to feel better. Who know right? At the moment I'm trying to push those negative thoughts away and focus on training for my first full marathon and eat healthy foods to fuel my body for consistent training minus injuries.

Lets keep the positive mindset, shall we? x

Disclaimer: This post is a part of BEDN 2015.


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