#BEDN 2015 Day 8: Self Care Sunday x Fav Sunscreen

Hello there x. Ever since last year, I'm so into this 'self-care' mindset that helped me a lots to recovered from depression. Furthermore, 'self-care' were first known to be only as physical activities that we do to ensure that ourselves were in great health etc However, nowadays 'self-care' also existed in the form of mindset that helped people to be happy and surrounded by the correct surroundings. For today's topic; I'm going to share my current sunscreen product that I have been loving and could-almost-not-be-able-to-live-without. Haih. Very cheesy even for sunscreen lol

BEHOLD - Aloe Sunscreen by Forever Living
Eventhough Forever Living has been in the market for many years, it's not until recently that I came to know about this product. During my DE breakouts in June, some of the nurse suggested that I took the pure Aloe Vera drink to help my DE but I did not take it because I probably need more than 10 gallons to finally see the results (with all the steroid, medications in my body). So, upon finished my previous Biore' sunscreen, I decided to try this 'more organic - free of parabens' sunscreen because my skins was acting up and flared up even to the small amount of harsh chemical in my skincare.

The sunscreen came in 118mL which probably can last me for 3 months (hopefully..), broad spectrum SPF 30 (A bit downside on the SPF but it's alright) and proof to be water resistant for 80 minutes. I brought this to our recent island getaway and honestly its did helped me from getting burned tragically lol My skin is pretty thin (due to the steroid medication) and I can get sunburn very very fast; min 15 minutes under the sun, and my skins started to became red and coarse (like a real burned skin!). However, I did get slight sunburned on my face and its healed like 2-3 days afterward. This Aloe sunscreen did not only protect you when you're exposed to the UVB/UVA but also helped to speed up the burns healing process right after.

Consistency: Pretty watery and you only need about a small amount and enough to cover face & neck are.

It left a little bit oily finishing - I think most my previous sunscreen does too. 

I freaking love this Aloe sunscreen and since I'm now slowly changing my skincare products to more natural and organic, I will definitely re-purchased this baby.

So, do you applied sunscreen everyday? Lets shared about your favorite product! x


  1. I only apply sun screen over my face. Memang oily.

    Kalo p travel sa pkai tu banana boat yg orange tu....x oily pula....klu hari biasa sa pkai vaseline yg pink colour

    1. Oh ya sa mo try balik tu forever living yg minum2 punya tu tp susa mo cari supply yg buli jumpa face2face d cni. Takut mo order online....fake ...

    2. If me, it is very crucial ni..I have to wear sunscreen even it's raining lol Cepat burned bah my skin nowadays..very sad.
      Pigi branch dia la, for sure original if pigi branch :)

  2. Ini laituuu yg kami tumpang2 pakai tu kan..thank youuu kerana ini kulit i tak terbakar gituuu hahaha

    1. HEHE Iyaaa..yg sama2 kita kasi double c jess pnya sunscreen jgaaa..hihihi

  3. I have never tried Forever Living products and knew nothing about them, so thanks for a little info. #SelfCareSundayShare

    1. Hi! I'm glad :) Thanks for dropping by. x


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