#BEDN 2015 Day 7: Unusual Hobby

Disclaimer: Another late post. No other excuses than being lazy pigging around after Badminton's tournament.

Anyway, today's post is about 'unusual hobby'. I couldn't think of any unusual hobbies of mine because my hobbies are quite general and very typical. lol I love reading - and of course my favorite genre would be historical romance. I love writing; I still write short stories every here and now just to ensure that my imagination are still at OK level. However, this year hobby would be running. Previously I ran for de-stress etc but nowadays I ran to hoard the finisher's medal. BAHAHAA This year alone, I managed to successfully collected 5 out of 5 targeted Finisher's Medal - Viper Challenge included. I got this weird habits of staring at my finisher's medals collection and reminiscing the moment I had to go through to be able to retrieved the medals itself. *bitter-sweet*

Few finisher's medals collection for this year. Minus VP Challenge & upcoming events.

Next year, my target would be at least 2 Full Marathon's Finisher medals and at least target 10 medals. Wish me luck x


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