#BEDN 2015 Day 6: Friday Night In x The Smokin Bacon Jam

Disclaimer: Been busy hence a late post. x

October has been one hectic and busy month so I try to lay low for November while getting back my spirit to train for FM. Running event is good to remind myself that I have to train and run but too much of it and less recovery time equal to runner's disaster. Hence, Xtrail Ranauthlon is the one out two running events that I have registered for Nov. However, I might have to let go RevRun due to works issue and tight budget. Moreover, my parents started to make noise that I did not spend enough time at home with the family. Since now I'm a puppies owner to the two hyper active babies; Julio & Gerl; I have to spend more time with them and the family, of course.

I will have more and more of FNI starting this week :) *cuddles with Gerl* Last week I was so busy preparing for my short travel to Ranau - I didn't even managed to spend time with my baby sister who was home for the weekend. *sigh* However, this week we will be spending a lots of family time together. While I love going out with my girlfriends; food hunting etc I admitted that I'm more of stay-at-home-on-friday-night kind of girl. The simplicity of eating home-cooked dinner, hot coffee steaming during the cold and rainy night and catching up with the rest of BEDN bloggers.

Blog-walking while pigging out, literally. I went home late from office today and only reach home at 8.30 pm because mom went to fetch my baby sister at UMS. Its was super jammed and they arrived late to fetch me. *cries* I was alone in the office for a few hours and trying to finished few finish-able tasks. Anyhow, I was so tired and I did not even went down to fetch both Gerl and Julio from my parent's house. *missing them* After a quick shower, I grabbed a simple dinner of baguette and this AHHH-MA-ZINGGG super delicious The Smokin Bacon Jam.

It's so amazing that I almost finished this jar. Freaking OMG! The smokiness of the bacon with a little bit of black peppers and the taste is soooooooo delicious and I can eat this almost with anything. *licked spoon*

Interested? Find them at Instagram @the_smokin_bacon !
Am not sponsored. This is written by the hooked & in love bacon's lover. x


  1. Uina sedap ka ni? Belum pernah sa try ni.....

    1. Sedapppp..bah, nanti balik KK you should try moi :)


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