#BEDN 2015 Day 5: Fireworks Night x LDR

Oh. Hello there. Its kinda awkward that this blog is super updated for 5 days straight lol. Anyway I almost skipped day 5 because I'm not so sure about what I want to write for "Fireworks Night". Then I thought this might be a good chance to write about B; hmm..in case anyone else wondering

For those who are wondering what makes me move on fast (define fast? I have already move on since end of 2014 after almost half a year suffered from a cheating ex) is because I HAVE NO REGRETS in my previous relationship. Everyone knew I fight hard and everyone knew it is no longer worth to fight for. Currently, I am happy and the rest did not crossed my mind yet. I began my self re-discovery exactly on the day I've decided to move on. It's was not easy and I know it even before I started. Eventually I survived and I finally found myself again. The better and upgraded version of myself. The fearless. The bravest. The survivor. I meet a lots of guy and some makes their intention to date me very clear - to the point I have to reject him and cause me to lose a good friend. Some was just floating around, perhaps afraid of commitments and just want to have fun - I avoid these group of parasites. 

I know I was ready but I'm still hesitating if everything is worth the pains. The hesitation ended when I meet B. We became a close friend first; though he did said that he wanted more but we both decided to be a friend and get to know each other first. When we are getting to know each other, distances and time zones already become our greatest enemies. I was 5 hours ahead of him and our time always clashed with my sleeping hours. Chats became texts and texts became calls and I still can remembered the long calls and video calls that causing me to be a happy zombie because we skipped sleep just to spend time with each others. Still, we did not declared as a couple immediately. At the back of my mind, B sound too good to be true. Yes, he do. I'm so afraid if later he come back and he is different from what I expected. 

So, a month and few weeks after our unexpected life-clashing lol; he popped out the Q of "Will you be my GF bla bla bla" I still remembered the rest but it's way too cheesy to be written in public. Of course I said "Yes" because oh well, he makes me happy :) Up until now he still makes me happy and annoyed me a lots. For some reason, he's worth it. 

I mean life is full of risk, right? My heart said "take the risk" who know he might be 'the one'.


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