#BEDN 2015 Day 4: Photography x Island Getaway

I don't really have a good photography skills nor artsy fartsy filtered imaginations but I do have a thing for a good photograph. The one that you can stared for a long time and wonder what, when and how. The one that makes you craved to be in that place; same as the subject. At this point, I have no idea what I'm talking about haha. Anyway, please enjoy below photo taken by yours truly during our girl's island getaway in October (Yeah. Another throwback..)

Craving for another getaway. End of Nov, please come faster. x


  1. The 1st picture!! Imagining he's one of us ikut jalan2...hahaha

    1. HAHAH random tourist yg kena ambil gambar ni :D

  2. hahahahahaha mo ja sy ckp he's mine yg dlm 1st pic!!!!


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