#BEDN 2015 Day 3: Food Glorious Food

FOOD - If you know me, you will probably said Fay x Food are inseparable. I tried eating clean before but its makes me more moodier than ever, so I never look back anymore. However, since I'm trying *please take the "try" tone seriously* to eat better nowadays for the sake of running a full marathon next year, please accept a-supposed-to-be-a-throwback food porn's post!

Back in October, yours truly and Jessica managed to try the new Mia Boat Noodles craze at Imago right after our bikini's shopping sprees. The queuing was acceptable though the place is still packed with lots of people.

We both had the RM1.80/bowl of spicy beef and original chicken boat noodles. We even add the beef meatball, chicken meatball soup and fried oyster mushroom. The portion is very small and 1 bowl would never be enough for one person; I think at least 3 bowls or more. My favorite would be the Spicy beef noodle - the broth is just nice on my taste bud while the chicken taste a bit salty to me. While I love the beef meatballs, there's no 'wow' factor to it and the chicken meatball is so-so as well. The fried oyster mushroom - at first bite after you dipped it onto the sweet, tangy sauces; I really really really love it. It's crunchy and the sauce complement the taste nicely. However, after a few bites I started to feel nauseous because its was a bit oily to my liking. Still, everything tastes good if you have a good company. :)

Hot babe alert. Good food + good company = Happiness.

I hope you guys are salivating as I am at the moment. HAHA


  1. Replies
    1. hehehe tggu dulu "settle" pastu ko bawa c gaman pigi celebrate sini..aisehh :)

  2. nyum..sa belum lg try ni .....sa mo try tu beef la..hadei tapun2

  3. OMG!! that angle makes me look kurus! hahaha.. ya a bit oily to my liking too but the beef noodle soup is sedap!!! and the beef meatball pn sedap!!! mari pig lgi cni len kali!!!!


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