#BEDN 2015 Day 11: Christmas's Wish List

When we are talking about LIST; do know that I have tons of lists - Bucket list, wish list, tasks list and it goes on. However, today I'm going to talk about my Christmas's wish list and family, friends and love one please take note HAHA. *kidding*

1. BROOKS Adrenaline GT14. Been eyeing this baby since last September and have not yet managed to grabbed one while I still have the discount coupon for Brook's product. Reason: Since I'm now decided to run for a full marathon, I think it is wise for me to invest in a good running shoe. 

2. ASICS Gel Kayano 21 - I mean..please see number 1 please. Gosh. Both Asics and Brooks definitely has stole my heart and it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to stop thinking about both of them until I managed to get them - both, yes please. However, with current bank account - I don't think I'm able to buy two. This will broke me and cause me to eat nothing after pay-day.
3. A Lokai bracelet. I know there are lots of doubts and what-so-ever surrounding the Lokai's bracelet but for me, I would love to get this bracelet as a reminder of life balance. 2014 has been the worse and I picked myself up in 2015, however for both year; I did not managed to be fair and have a balanced life. Hence, I would love to get one for myself and become a part of non-advertised community that believe the quote "Be Humble, Stay Hopeful".

cc: Mom, Dad, Siblings, Babe & girlfriends. lol


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