#BEDN 2015 Day 1: Something New About Yourself


Exactly on 1st November 2015, I officially became a trail runner. My 1st trail run was supposed to be TMBT 12KM on August 29th but due to health and safety reason, I DNS myself. LOL Anyway, I redeemed my #runnerego in Ranauthlon 10KM (Did registered for 21KM but chickened out) today. 

Higher elevation. Muddy and slippery trails. Rainy and super cold weather (If you know me, then you know that I'm a minimalist runner coz I like to wear shirt and running short; nada compression'e and only bring my phone & enough cash to buy #postrunjunkfoods). It is true when they said, trail run is 100% different from the usual road run. I usually can last longer without hydration for at least 6KM in normal road, but on trail, even at KM 1 I already gasping and tempted to drink my electrolytes. However, despite the hurdles, the hills and the cold weather, I truly enjoyed my 1st trail run. The view of Sabah Tea Garden is spectacular. Running down the hills definitely my favourite though at one point my knee felt like it want to gave up. Thank God I did not gave up.

Amazing view. Worth the pains.

Till Day 2 of BEDN (Blog Every Day in November).


  1. Wohooo congrats new trail runner! Im coming soon haha...lawaaa ba pemandangann sya blum smpai sana sabah tea huhu

    1. Thank youuuuu! Bah, come lets go kita join trail! Training at Bukit perahu yaaaa aisehhh :D

  2. eeeee lawa juga view sna awal pagi!!! Like michelle, I too will become a hiker/trail runner in the future! hahahahah

    1. Lawa kan?! ehehe banyak lagi view lawa tu yg sy x gambar sbab b'lari kan..heheh Bah come come kita lari3 trail :)

  3. Replies
    1. bukan trend. it's a challenge ba ni to encourage blogging every day hehe..

    2. Yaa, like Jess said; it's a challenge to blog every day in November. Here is the link if you want to sign up and join us :)

  4. ba sa check..tp mcm terlambat sdh ni kan mo join..


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