World Animal Day: Wild Run 2015

Two Sunday ago On 4th Oct, the world celebrated the 2015 Animal Day while we in Kota Kinabalu celebrating World Animal Day by running the 10 KM Wild Run and 3KM fun run with pets. *insert dog barks* Anyway, its was last minute registration for me because I was expecting to be Island hopping with the babes but we ended up moving the date to next week, hence I got a free Sunday and a new FM training plan to be completed. I'm very excited about this run, not solely because it will contribute to my last 5th finisher medal (so very confident to finish the but also meeting up with friends; non furry and furry one! HAHA It's been awhile since my last running event so I'm very excited to be back running and bragging.

*The route*

Of course a new route for me because I didn't run for Engineer's run earlier (though they said got a different route, only the hill's route are same) and I got to speed up during the hill's route, damn faster when going down. I didn't run for PB this time as the event crashed with my supposed 2 hours LSD training and I clocked in at 1 hr 40 mins at 10.8KM. *my very vain self really try hard to slow down..even my MiCoach keep on asking me to slow down my pace. Pft*

The starting line.

Here goes my LSD for the day. Yipee!

Waited for the lucky draw - was secretly hoping that I'm lucky to get the Suunto watch. Sadly, no luck what-so-ever. Sigh.

My favorite quote at the back. Actually its kinda sarcastic tho. HAHAHA

Ps. Sorry I have been slacking on the posting department, October is a very busy month for me and November as well. I was hoping to slow down a bit in December and maintain my FMV training in January 2016. 

PPs. I promise to update or write as much as I can. With my packed schedule and all. :)

Till then,


  1. Sya jelessss..bnyak sdh run sya miss...hopefully next year i have a lot of time and MONEY of course to join running event HAHA!

    1. It's OK. Next year banyak lagi tu mandak. HEHEH Jom register BIM atau tu Heal the world series. :)


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