Turning 26, Love, Health & Happiness

Hi. It’s been awhile two months since my last post. 

I’ve been occupied with so many things; as I always said – Life happened. Last months on 28th August, I finally turned 26. Still surreal though how I have survived since last year and how things are so different now. I do still strongly believe that everything that had happened to me is blessings in disguise. So, turning 26 feel the same as being 25. LOL Only +1 and I still feel young as if I’m 20 years old; said no woman ever. HAHA Unlike last year, this year I spend my birthday week with family, B and my friends. Ah, yes I’m dating again, in case you didn't noticed. HAHAHA 

As far as health goes, I'm still fighting with eczema every now and then. However, thank God that my steroid withdrawal symptoms has slowly recovering nowadays. In fact, I've registered myself a few running events in October till December so that I won't get more fattier than now. Apparently being happily dating again also causing me to gained weight like crazy. Anyway I hope with the marathon training that I have, I shall lose weights and run faster or stronger be able to finally finish full marathon by January 2016. #cantwaittodie So far, I have entirely removed all my previous skincare products and simplify to only 3 things: 1) Ayurvedic natural soap (that smell really weird..) 2) Olive oil as whole body & face's moisturiser 3) Sunblock. Do not worry, I will do a separate post for my very simple skincare routine, perhaps it also can help other eczema's sufferers.

Here's the thing, when I went through my depression phase a year ago - I do know that one day I will be happy again. Happiness, for me does not only come from my surrounding but also from myself. To be able to find myself again - pure happiness. Then the rest of happy little trails of events eventually followed. Every now and then, I will stop and send my prayer of gratitude to God. Thanking Him for everything. Eventhough sometimes I fall into deep shits as life was never on the top; I still sent my gratitude for all the lessons it gave.

Blessed and forever grateful.

xx Fay
P.s I'm back.


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