Tadika Advent Tamparuli x In Unity Chorale

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If you are following me in Instagram, then you are familiar with what I'm going to post today. By the way, I recently changed my Instagram's user name to @fayfm89 to matched with my blog ID and Dayre. So, on 10th October; yours truly and Jessica went to support our girlfriend - Michelle for their fundraising charity concert for Tadika Advent Tamparuli. I never went to any of In Unity Chorale concert, though I know they have performed many times this year. Hence, we grabbed this chance to see their performance while supporting this charity event.

In Unity Chorale - I believe I can fly

So, other than In Unity Chorale, there was also an acapella group called True Echo. Here's their performance with my most def favorite song "Stand by me". Ah. You probably could heard me goes *ahh* LOL Anyway, I'm in the process of uploading the full performance's videos in my YouTube channel (Oh, yes I have one for the longest time ever. It's just I never uploaded any until recently or until today. BAHAHAAH). You can check my YT videos here or you can follow me in Instagram @fayfm89 for less than 15 seconds videos.

Till then x


  1. Weeee! Thank you so much for supporting the charity....eeeh napa tiba2 sya mau karaoke ni hahahahaha

    1. Welcome girlfriend! Nxt mau jga tgok, roger2 klau ada concert lagi okeh! hehe Jom plan karoks. HAHA

  2. Replies
    1. Let us know when u going back KK. Kita bulih buat gathering hehehe


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