[REVIEW] NYX SMLC in Antwerp and Morocco

I have wanted these babies for quite some time now. When my friend’s sister opened up her Instashop @theglamrack, I almost jumped off and want to buy but that time I was having some kind of steroid withdrawal hence I didn't dare to buy any beauty product yet. However, since I'm recovering slowly and wanted to reward myself for being an extremely good girl during my elimination diet, so I decided to grabbed these two beauties just recently!

Here it is; SMLC 22 in Morocco and SMLC 05 in Antwerp.

It came in small yet sturdy packaging. No extravaganza design but still the packaging quality is very good. It can survived well in my messy over crowded daily bag. lol

FYI, I have a pink undertone and both colours suited me greatly. If you have yellow or olive undertone, do not worry as it will turned out great for you as well. My little sister have yellow undertone and she love Morocco very much as it brighten up her complexion more.

Yours truly wearing Antwerp. It is a very subtle almost pink + nude colour which is very suitable for daily make up. What I really like about this colour is how its brighten up my face. 

A must everyday strong eyebrow game, a bit of mascara and a swipe of this Antwerp = very presentable and fresh make up. Simple and not time consuming to be achieve for daily look.

Wearing Morocco.

While Antwerp is subtle and good for natural look; Morocco is a very sexy and an eye-catching colour. With a little bit of Orange tone, its appeared as subtle red on my complexion. This kind of tone surprisingly did not make my complexion look more pink or red. It's very suitable to pair with subtle or natural eye make up and let the lip colour pop more.


1. The colours selection is amazing! I might go broke if I want all the collection to be mine.
2. Long lasting! Since I'm a pig heavy water drinker and food muncher - a lipstick or balm can only last max 1 hour; however with NYX SMLC, its can last until lunch hour and I usually only need to re-applied a small coat after I brushed my teeth after lunch.
3. The fragrance. I'm a sucker for beauty product with a sweet and nyummy fragrance. HAHA 
4. Affordable. (I bought this before RM4 = USD1...so, I'm not so sure for future tho.)
5. B complimented the lip cream so..when it hardly for a guy to notice about your lip colour ended up complimenting it, BUY IT!! *kidding*

Have you guys try any of NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream yet?
What is your thoughts about it and what is your favourite colour?
Lets share below. xx


  1. I love the color =)



  2. ww nice ..i have NYC tp sdh 3 tahun beli..lol blum lagi hbis pkai..entah apa nama dia tu...mrah jga RM4....

  3. I love both shades and they suit you very well indeed! I agree, if a makeup item makes a man takes notice, buy it! Especially lipstick. :D


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