To learn to love again

Damn, cheesy title.

I don't know why I suddenly wanted to write about this, but deep down I know that I just want to write and shared something that happened to me recently. After my horrible break up, I kinda got cold feet about relationship. Its seem like almost every couples that broken up because 1) he/she cheated 2) scared of commitments 3) did not have the same goal i.e marriage etc and the list goes on. It took me quite some time to open my ice cold heart again (really cold?) to re-think that I need to get out there and go dating crazily. However, that did not happened because I couldn't treat myself like that. All I know is; if I'm able to love again, I will make sure that my feeling is REAL. Not just because I'm lonely or my friends keep on asking me to get a boyfriend(s). Anyway, you guys probably wondering WTF just tell us already HAHAHA and yeah, I'm getting to know someone. I haven't met him yet; physically but so far we have clicked very well. *ahem* I couldn't write more because WE NEVER KNOW. Who know he ended up being *the one* or perhaps just an *asshole*. WHO KNOW. But God surely know. There's a reason why we crossed path. So, I will let GOD lead this one. If it is meant to be then THANKS GOD or if it's not then THANKS GOD as well. :)



  1. It's soooo good to know that you finally let yourself to learn how to love again! hehehe... *senyum lebar sambil agkat2 kening*

    1. Aiseh! HAHAHAHAHA *senyum lebar nampak gigi sambil tersipu-sipu malu*


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