[KK-KL-KBV] Overnight at Capsule Hotel, KLIA2

Sorry for the delayed post. I was caught in cloud nine at the moment. *ahem*

Since our flight from Krabi was in the late evening and our arrival at KLIA2 was around 8 something-ish and almost 9 pm local time. We decided to stay overnight at KLIA2 since our return flight to KK was in the early morning around 6.40 am. At first, we thought of sleeping in the waiting hall like the good ol day HAHAHA but since we have an extra money to spare and we still craved for the comfort of bed so we choose to stay at the new Capsule Hotel located inside KLIA2 itself.

Hello super swollen sunburned face yo!
So, this is the front of Capsule Hotel and to the left is the front desk. :)
After checked in (I've booked the capsule room earlier), we are given a locker key, a pass card (to unlock the gate -.-") and a bag filled with towel and other simple necessities.
FYI, the section are divided to MAN & WOMAN. They did not mixed, so if you come here with your partner, you guys have to sleep separately HAHA
I don't why but I feel like I was in some kind of jail with all these metal rails etc

Ma bed for the night or 6 hours to be exact lol
It might look very small but actually it was very comfortable.

Its also offer a wake up call. I set up mine but I ended up not sleeping well and woke up early because of my throbbing face.

And yeah, that is yours truly K.O-ed after a very awesome, maddening and truly unexpressed-able week trip.

From my point of view, Capsule hotel is very suitable for those traveler waiting for more than 6 hours transit time and have extra money to spare. This hotel is not suitable for couple or those who really really mind about their privacy because your bunk is only protected by a thin layer of cover and you can easily distracted by the other guest. Anyway, I'm glad that I tried this hotel because I do need some comfort after the long ass crazy week. 

Lot L1-2 & 3, Gateway,
Terminal KLIA2, KL International Airport,
Jalan KLIA 2/1, 64000 KLIA, Sepang,
Selangor, Malaysia.

Phone: 03-76102020
Email: info@capsulecontainer.com

This hotel do not have any specific check in or check out time since it is build for visitors in transit concept. There are a few packages available which are categorised into 3 hours stay at RM 45, 6 hours stay at RM70 and 12 hours stay at RM 90 [Source]

For more info about this hotel, please check HERE.
Till then, x


  1. Jadi toilet dia di luar ka ni?mcm asrama?mcm rasa x buli bernafas oh sesak btul sa tengok

    1. Yes, macam asrama. HAHA Okie juga bah if only for few hours. Klau mau stay lama, I think not suitable jgak ni,

  2. been wanting to try this type of accommodation yg alas japanese capsule gitu... tap nice ba, xjga npk sempit sgt pn mcm dlm coffin.. nice review all in all :D

    1. You should try!! HAHA Ya moi, memang good experience jga la :)

  3. Really great post! And I love your blog:)



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