[KK-KL-KBV] Day 6: Last day in Ao Nang, Krabi

I guess 4 days and 3 nights are not quite enough. We have missed a lot of activities; such as the Night's market at Krabi Town, Thai Boxing, etc etc. SIGH. However, we are truly blessed and thankful for the short awesome experiences that Krabi has given to us. :) So, I woke up very early as I feel my stiff neck and face. I was like WTFish is going on and quickly went to the washroom to check. My face were swollen pretty bad and I look super duper huge sans the eyes. -.- I took quick shower, scrubbed my face (to which I know afterward that scrubbing will intensify the swollen-ness wtf) and put tons of refreshing toner and mask on my face. It went down a bit. *taking a deep breath of relief* Though I still look like -_- literally.

On our last day at Krabi, we decided to ditched the usual breakfast and upgraded a bit. Breakfast is so-so but the prices damn expensive. Hmm. Breakfast at Bamboo's restaurant. So, lesson learned - expensive foods does not mean good food.


Nice interior design though. 

Afterward, we decided to take a stroll using the Tuk-Tuk (a local transport of motorcycle that can fit 4 peoples - approx) THB 200 (for four person!) strolling around Ao Nang about 30 to 40 minutes.

hashtag: no eyes lol

Our very shy and silent driver. -_- Not very informative. He was so quite all the way.

After the short tour, we went around for our last shopping spree. I was thinking very hard what to get for my family since everytime I went travelling I always bought them either T-shirt or key chains as souvenir. This time I bought them Thailand's instant coffee in different flavours. YEA, my dad love it very much. :) Our flight was in the late evening, around 5 PM local time. We decided to check out early and go to the airport early so that we won't be rushing for checked in etc since we are not familiar with the airport.

While waiting for our rented limo (HAHA). THB 600 fare price to the airport.


Last meal in Krabi. Tom Yam fried rice. *drooling*

We arrived at the Airport around afternoon @ 2-ish local time. Accompanied the girls to Kiosk's self-check in as I already web check-in myself a week before lol Then we hangout while eating and series of online stalking activities. I was of course being a good blogger *cough* trying to list down all the important things that I want to blog about - which obviously failed because I don't know where I put my notes! *cries*

I will conclude my backpacking Krabi's trip as awesomely successful executed experiences (despite my swollen sunburned face wtf) I'm very proud of myself for all the research before-hand. At the same time, I'm very happy that I didn't gain lots of weight there; judging from the foods marathons we had every night..I might probably gained few lol Of course, this trip would not be successfully executed without my three partner in crimes; so THANK YOU Liza, Cath and Putri :) You girls are the best travelling companion. THANKS GOD for the opportunity to travel (and thank you Boss for the bonus lol) and explore one of the country in my bucket list. I'm truly grateful for everything.

Last but not least, THANK YOU KRABI for your awesome friendly local and tourists, amazing foods, beautiful islands and coral reefs, endless bikinis selections and the sunburns wtf HAHAHA

Thank you for reading stalking my Krabi's travelogue.
Till the next wanderlust. 


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