[KK-KL-KBV] Day 5: Elephant's Trekking, Emerald Pool & Hot Springs

It's was our 3rd day in Krabi. After all the activities that we have done on the previous day i.e Island hopping & snorkeling which you can stalk here we are quite exhausted especially myself because my body had overdone everything in just a week; Viper's challenge and then travelling. So my body started to feel a bit sick, my allergic appeared - dry skins, sunburns and eczema are all out. #sensitiveskinsucks However I am still pretty excited to ride an elephant - like finally! It's one of the things in my bucket list though I admitted that it will be my first and last just because I feel empathy toward the elephant and etc. Anyway, we will start with the same breakfast!

Chicken's porridge, Char Kui and Nescafe. 

The tour guide came and pick us up around 8 am at our hostel. The first destination for our THB 600 package is Elephant trekking. Here is Putri; signing off her name and yours truly look very chio with ponytail and sunglasses. :)

Here's the elephant's owner; preparing their elephant for tourist to ride. Its seem very hard to prepare the elephant for riding gear but the elephant actually helped their owner by adjusting some of the ropes themselves. #amazeballs

Ain't she's gorgeous? The elephant, I mean.

Because the max person per elephant is two adults; we split our group into two. Luckily, I was with Liza and we managed to (She, I mean) #gopro the experiences.
Honestly, I don't really mind falling off though I hold the rail pretty tight! Both of us feel very sorry for the elephant - Noi Mama, 40 years old and she look really tired when it was our turn. She keep on grunting and her owner keep blabbing angry at her. Was so relieved when our ride is over and her owner send her off for rest. To sum up my elephant's ride experience - OK lah. I'm happy that finally managed to ride one but maybe this will be my last ride because I feel pity toward these hardworking animals. I hope their owner are treating them well since they are basically the source for foods on their owner's table.

Afterward, around 10-ish (after all the members in our group has finished their rides and taking photos) we headed to the famous Emerald Pool. Actually there's another tour which is 1 day tour of Tiger's Temple + Emerald pool + Hot Springs but I know I will not have the strength to climb thousand of stairs to get into the Tiger's temple so we picked the current tour. Kinda regretted it now HAHA I wish I will have the opportunity to visit Krabi one day and visit the Tiger's Temple and go for night kayaking. *finger's crossed*

Entrance to EMERALD POOL. Deep inside these forest and we have to walked about 2 KM.
Plus, this place is very packed with both tourist and local.

And of course more street FOODS.

The reason why it was named as EMERALD POOL because of the pool water colour. As you can see, it was clear blue with white sand like an emerald. Magically located in the middle of the woods.

Posted this photo in Instagram with sunburn's quote.

The brown colour ground / stone is very slippery as it was fulled with algae. Have to be very extra careful. :)

So, that's pretty much about Emerald's pool. The squad did not take a dip because they didn't bring any clothes but your truly were a bit rebellious and decided to go for a swim. After swimming, we went back to the entrance as our guide awaits all of us for lunch. Lunch was the usual; rice with Tom Yam soup, some mixed veges and fruit. I'm still hungry after lunch, hence I bought lots of street foods to eat while we are on our way to our last destination.

Our last destination is Hot Spring waterfall. Kinda disappointing here because 1) there's lots of people altogether at a very tiny streams 2) Waterfall does not look like waterfall at all (perhaps I was anticipating like Mt Kinabalu one..ahem) 3) there's thousand of mosquitoes! 

So, here is the Hot Spring's waterfall. I can see this at my hometown.
Anyway, we didn't spend lots of time there as we decided to passed our time by eating something at the stalls in front of the entrance.

Oh. I forgot to mentioned that there are paddle boats but no one there to look after it; in case tourist decided to go for a ride! #dissapointed 

Let me finish this post with our #wefie while drinking coconut and ice cream (Krabi's ice cream is amazing! I ate tons of it there. I swear it tasted like homemade one.)

We went back to the hostel around 4-ish and took shower and crashed. We went out early for dinner and the uncle at Kai Tuan cooked us a huge fresh fish that he had caught earlier. Sorry, I couldn't find the photo. I know we did took the photo but it was lost somewhere...Anyways, it was Cath's birthday so she and Liza went out to have a little celebration while your truly went to sleep because I was so effing tired and my head was throbbing. Little did I know that I would woke up looking like plastic's surgery went wrong the next day. *insert crying emoticon*

Nothing special happened for our last night in Krabi; though I did bought some key-chains for souvenir in the night market.

Next and last post for daily travelogue Krabi's series - Last day in Krabi.
Till then.


  1. wow thes is sooooo cool =D


  2. tu waterfall bah.. sory la.. waterfall kionsom lg lawa hahaha

    1. BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA YES moi. I have to agreed with that.


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