Hello! We are halfway through 2015. How is 2015 treating you so far? Personally, it has been a bad starter and midway for me; broken engagement in early year and fall into sickness which still have not yet recover..and still wondering what happened to my body. However, I will always be grateful for EVERYTHING as I believe it's happened for a reason. :) #positivevibeswin

 I have tons of plannings for July. 31 days might not be enough for what I have in mind. First of all, I will be starting my 30 Days Minimalist Challenge this month. I'm so into de-clutter everything at the moment; both body and soul as well. Other than that, I'm actually planning to renovate my room. Perhaps DIY my furniture a bit and amped-up the room into more chic, cozy and relaxing room. Should I do a room tour post once it is done? Apart from that, I promised myself that I will finish all the pending travelogue posts before July end. Hopefully I will be more productive and beat procrastination off. Last but not least, I'm also anticipating a green light from my doctor to continue my training since I have upcoming trail run in August. *finger's crossed* that all my test result came out OK and I can enjoy running again.

So, what is your plan for July?


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